Prince’s Music Coming to Apple Music and Amazon, Purple Ads Hint at Return to Spotify

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Sources tell Pitchfork that Prince’s music will be available on Apple Music and Amazon Music very soon, ending a nearly two-year absence of the Purple One’s back catalog from all streaming services besides Tidal. In addition, this morning, advertisements featuring the Spotify logo bathed in purple appeared in the Union Square subway station in Manhattan, as Billboard points out.

This seems to hint that Prince’s music will soon return to Spotify as well, adding fuel to recent rumors that the Purple One’s back catalog would be widely available on streaming services in time for the Grammys, which take place Sunday, February 12. (Prince’s music has been exclusively available to stream on Tidal since July 2015.)

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Music Streaming Surging in Germany

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A big boost in streaming audio revenues helped Germany’s music market grow 2.4% in 2016 despite falling sales of CDs and digital downloads.

Music Industry Sales Share in Germany, by Format, 2016 (% of total)According to music industry trade group Bundesverband Musikindustrie (BVMI), music sales in Germany reached €1.58 billion ($1.75 billion) in 2016, marking the fourth consecutive year of growth for the country’s music business.

Digital formats’ share of the total rose to 38.0%.

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IBM, Sacem to Deliver New Global Online Music Copyright Management Platform

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imageIBM and Sacem announced today a 10-year strategic alliance to develop URights, a world-class copyright platform on IBM Cloud designed to track and capture the value of online music for both creators and publishers. Electronic distribution of music and advances in the streaming market have led to rapid growth in the amount of creative content being consumed around the world. Last year, Sacem tracked nearly 982.5 billion download and streaming transactions – almost twice the 2015 total.

To handle the exponential volume of music transactions online, URights the innovative rights collection and distribution services platform – co-developed by Sacem and IBM – will help to more effectively identify online rights.  The platform will allow Sacem to provide additional value to rights owners with increased data analysis allowing more transparency and a more efficient identification of online works to help ensure they are compensated fairly. In 2015, Sacem distributed royalties to 293,000 creators and publishers in France and around the world, to credit two million works.

URights is open by design to allow other partners to integrate, such as other collective management organizations across the world, ensuring to save cost duplications and enhanced data-driven decision making. It will also provide customized services tailored to the specific nature of their local markets.

Pandora to Roll Out Muted Video, Responsive Display Ads to All Advertisers

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istock_000014138789_mediumPandora will roll out its Muted Video and Responsive Mobile Display ads to all advertisers on January 19. These new ad formats drive compelling results across the key performance indicators marketers care about most: time spent with ads, brand favorability and intent to purchase.

Originally introduced in June 2016 to select beta partners including Denny’s, Express, Google, the Lexus Dealer Association and Ascent Protein, Pandora’s new mobile ad formats – the first in the company’s Visual Ad Experience suite – present rich display and video ads within the square space typically reserved for album art, leveraging responsive design to seamlessly adjust ads to any phone’s screen size.

Pandora’s Next Big Sound Creates ‘Moneyball for Music’ With Big Data

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Alex White grew up surrounded by music—his father is a professional cellist and he’s played in several rock bands.But while interning at Universal Music Group, he recognized that using CD sales to sign bands and influence sales decisions was an outdated strategy in the age of streaming.

So he and three Northwestern University classmates launched Next Big Sound, a Moneyball-style big data tool for the music industry. The company’s free software analyzes metrics like social media traffic, streaming statistics and listener demographic information to determine artists’ influence and popularity.

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Spotify’s Shaven-Headed Savior

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Outside Sweden, Daniel Ek isn’t a household name. That will probably change this year when the 33-year-old seeks to turn Spotify, the music streaming business he founded a decade ago in Stockholm, into a publicly traded company that could be worth $8 billion.

The success of the initial public offering will hinge on whether investors believe Ek can turn rapid revenue growth into sustainable profit at some point in the not-so-distant future. The soft-spoken, shaven-headed Swede must overcome concerns that Spotify is a mere distribution channel, beholden to the big three music labels whose pricey licensing fees are a serious constraint.

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Spotify, Soundcloud and Sirius XM Gear Up for Strong 2017

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Our tea-leaf readers say 2017 is going to be a big year for the digital music guys. Spotify’s long awaited IPO is expected to pop as long as founder Daniel Ek can get Universal Music Group and other labels on board. The talks over the past few weeks have been centered on fees the record labels would receive and how Spotify will be able to use the music.

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