Pandora to Roll Out Muted Video, Responsive Display Ads to All Advertisers

istock_000014138789_mediumPandora will roll out its Muted Video and Responsive Mobile Display ads to all advertisers on January 19. These new ad formats drive compelling results across the key performance indicators marketers care about most: time spent with ads, brand favorability and intent to purchase.

Originally introduced in June 2016 to select beta partners including Denny’s, Express, Google, the Lexus Dealer Association and Ascent Protein, Pandora’s new mobile ad formats – the first in the company’s Visual Ad Experience suite – present rich display and video ads within the square space typically reserved for album art, leveraging responsive design to seamlessly adjust ads to any phone’s screen size.

“We applied the same expertise that makes us the leader in audio advertising to our new visual ads to deliver strong, measurable results,” said John Trimble, chief revenue officer at Pandora. “We are reinventing our mobile display ads to take full advantage of screen real estate and features native to our platform. And because our display ads are served only when a listener is looking at their phone and we have one of the largest logged-in user bases, we are uniquely positioned to deliver listener attention to advertisers at scale.”

On average, beta partners saw up to 50 percent increases in time spent with the Responsive Mobile Display ads and refreshed Mobile 300x250s as compared to previous formats, and double digit lifts in brand favorability, awareness and message resonance.1 And because music drives positive brand association, advertisers leveraging Pandora’s new Muted Video solution saw a 32 percent increase in listeners who spend at least five seconds with the video, as well as strong completion rates.

“At Denny’s, we understand the importance of continuing to find new and innovative ways to connect with our fans on their terms and in their terms, especially in the digital world,” said John Dillon, chief marketing officer at Denny’s. “Our recent beta partnership with Pandora offered us an opportunity to showcase the launch of our new Buttermilk Pancakes in a way that was highly engaging, while also being cohesive—rather than intrusive—to our target audience’s online experience.”

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