Music Streaming | The Week in Review

In case you missed all the great music streaming news we featured this week, here’s our Platform & Stream Week In Review for March 27-March 31.

Monday: Facebook Eyeing Music Streaming? Slacker Radio; Podcasting; Zane Lowe

Tuesday: 10 Startups Rockin’ the Music Industry; NicheStreem; Spotify Buys MightyTV

Wednesday: Top 5 Challenges in Streaming; Ray Davies; Digital Audio Players; Streaming Data

Thursday: Bob Seger & (Not) Streaming; Spotify Debuts ‘Traffic Jams’

Friday: Streaming Drives U.S. Music Sales Up 11% in 2016; Podcasts; Pandora; Spotify


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TuneIn Celebrates MLB Opening Day with Coverage Marathon

Celebrating the start of the MLB season, TuneIn offers wall-to-wall coverage of all 12 Opening Day matchups to TuneIn Premium subscribers – giving baseball fans from around the world the ability to listen to the radio play-by-play call of their favorite team, wherever they are. In addition, MLB on TuneIn LIVE, Presented by Esurance is back for its second season with a special “Opening Day Marathon” edition offering more than 10 hours of live baseball coverage, tapping into live games happening around the league, providing highlights and instant analysis.

To celebrate Opening Day, MLB on TuneIn LIVE will have an all-star line-up with host Holden Kushner being joined by a rotation of MLB analysts including: 21-year veteran pitcher LaTroy ‘Hawk’ Hawkins, former Dodgers General Manager and current team advisor Ned Colletti, former MLB catcher J.P Arencibia, 15-year veteran relief pitcher Jeff Nelson and more.

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LiveXLive Partners with Media 122 on Programmatic Advertising, Monetization Strategy

LiveXLive has partnership with Media122, a premium digital media company and Google Preferred Network to create programmatic revenue opportunities around LiveXLive’s streaming live music events and original content.

Media 122 will allow LiveXLive to capitalize on its growing roster of premium content, including the forthcoming slate of original music lifestyle content from its internal LiveXLive Studios Division.

Live X Live’s development and production partner Big Boots Studios will manage the relationship with Media 122.

“As we’ve observed user and engagement levels ramp up on our platform, we sought the right partners to allow us to monetize that growth and bring real value to our partners and advertisers,” said Rob Ellin, CEO of LiveXLive. “In Media 122, we’ve found a company with the skills and track record to smartly build revenue on our investment in live music content and our original programming, while crucially maintaining the integrity of our user experience.”

Drake’s More Life is the New Normal in Streaming

Released over the weekend after much delay, Drake’s More Life project is setting records across the board on streaming platforms. The Canadian artist described More Life as ‘a body of work bridging the gap between major releases’ and positioned the release as neither a mixtape nor an album, but rather ‘a playlist’.

This, however, did not stop the release claiming Ed Sheeran’s record for the best one day streams for any artist: 76,355,041, compared with Sheeran’s total of 68,695,172 following the release of Divide.

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Music Streaming | The Week in Review

In case you missed all the great music streaming news we featured this week, here’s our Platform & Stream Week In Review.

Monday: Vinyl vs Streaming; Garth Brooks on Why He Chose Amazon Over Apple Music

Tuesday: Stationhead App; Spotify; Voltra & Music Ownership; Streaming Services + Classical Music

Wednesday: Spotify’s Audio Data Power; Rare Zappa Set to Stream; Warner’s Streaming-Only Label

Thursday: Spotify + Big Data; Discogs; SiriusXM; Music Streaming Apps in China

Friday: Algorithms & Music Curation; Daniel Ek’s ‘Brilliant Minds’ Event; Tool Might Stream


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Daniel Ek’s ‘Brilliant Minds’ Conference is Back

Daniel Ek’s Brilliant Minds conference will return to Sweden on June 8—9 as part of Symposium Stockholm.

The event claims to gather the world’s “edgiest creators and purposeful leaders”. It was launched in 2015 by Ek and Ash Pournouri, then-manager of Avicii and CEO and founder of At Night Management (pictured).

Although select individuals ‘who are leaders in their fields’ received an invitation that year, those with less ‘brilliant minds’ could buy a ticket to the inaugural event for $2,900.

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LiveXLive Partners Up with JBTV

LiveXLive, a leader in premium live music video streaming, has entered into an exclusive multiyear agreement with JBTV, a leading source of music programming for the past thirty years.

LiveXLive has acquired the distribution rights to over 2,500 hours of exclusive content including live performances, interviews, behind the scenes footage and fully produced HD shows from JBTV, including many of the biggest artists in the music industry. Under the agreement, LXL will also live stream multiple artist concerts and interviews from JBTV on a weekly basis.  This will supplement LXL’s internally produced original programming of unique, edgy music content from its LXL branded studios.

“This partnership with JBTV enhances our vast catalog of content across all genres of music. LiveXLive will continue to acquire and build content around music and music lifestyle including original programming, iconic interviews, shows, and documentaries,” said Blake Indursky, LiveXLive Vice Chairman. “The JBTV relationship is another important step in laying the foundation for the launch of our subscription service at the end of this year, providing consumers with a unique experience as an authentic music destination with content from artists across all genres.”

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The Changing Landscape and Model of Music Streaming Platforms

It’s no surprise the music industry hasn’t provided a successful or revolutionary solution to the dissolving revenue streams and profit margins as consumers change their consumption patterns. Why would they be any different to the media and news companies, telco or transportation services (i.e. Uber) where users continue to go over the top direct to the utility they wish to consume?

Music streaming services today operate in a very noisy market that lacks differentiation. The formula to date has been relatively straight forward: secure licensing for songs, build a platform through which people can access songs, after which they are either served advertising during the content (lite version) or choose to pay a monthly fee (premium) to remove ads and have a clean content consumption experience.

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Opinion: Taylor Swift’s Streaming Service Would Not be Successful

The world doesn’t need another streaming service. Between Spotify, Apple Music and the more niche Tidal, consumers already have enough options to choose from to listen to and download their music.

Listeners shouldn’t be expected to spread themselves across so many platforms. If the goal for artists is to make streaming services profitable, then the solution isn’t to make your own platform. Instead, it would be to condense into a singular site to have the greatest amount of listeners and therefore the most plays and downloads. Tidal and “Swifties,” as Swift’s site is rumored to be called, will separate a relatively large market. Swift will in turn distance herself from a bigger audience rather than create a larger one.

Consumers want all of their products to be in one place. Kindle enables a singular book library, Netflix holds an incredibly large movie and TV collection and Spotify has a huge music selection. Having multiple niche streaming services is a step backwards for the industry.

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Music Streaming | The Week in Review

In case you missed all the great music streaming news we featured this week, here’s our Platform & Stream Week In Review.

Monday: Music Tech; Can Blockchain Keep Songwriters From Getting Stiffed?; Disney Embraces Spotify

Tuesday: Pandora; Digital Music Wars at SXSW; Ty Segall, No Lover of Streaming; Spotify Podcasts

Wednesday: Good Lord: Taylor Swift Eyeing Her Own Streaming Service

Thursday: Music Biz + Podcasts; YouTube Music Could Be Awesome – But!

Friday: Spotify to Restrict Some Music to Paying Subscribers Only


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Napster Unveils New Interactive Playlist Maker, GIPHY Integration

Following novel product updates and strategic partnerships with unique brands, Napster today announced new playlist builder capabilities and awesome features powered by GIPHY.

Available now in its award-winning iOS and Android mobile apps, Napster’s Interactive Playlist Maker features custom playlist recommendations with a simple “Tinder-like” swiping functionality to easily add or pass on recommended songs. And, tapping into GIPHY’s extensive library, Napster users now have access to all the GIFs to visually personalize their playlists, marking the first GIF functionality in a music streaming service.

“At Napster, we’re focused on making playlist building and sharing easier, more intuitive and more expressive for each listener,” Mike Davis, Napster CEO said. “Early testing showed that Napster subscribers are nearly twice as likely to share playlists featured with a GIF. We’re thrilled to partner with GIPHY to roll out features that help our subscribers bring their playlists to life, and share more music.”

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Who Might be in Line to Buy SoundCloud?

Audio self-publishing service SoundCloud is at the centre of a rumour frenzy after reports surfaced that it has been struggling to raise the $100 million it needs to survive.

Investors value the brand in the region of $700 million – a $70 million cash injection from Twitter last year pegs it at the same amount – however the team will apparently listen to offers which exceed the total amount investment raised to date; a mere $250 million.

Although the economics of the business are murky for the moment, the brand does offer potential for organizations which want to play in the content arena. The team state SoundCloud has 175 million monthly unique users, though this number hasn’t been updated since 2014.

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