MP3 Is Not Dead – It Is Saving Lives in Africa

22 years ago, a German technology revolutionized a whole industry. MP3 changed the way we all listen to music forever. Today it seems as if its days are over as it has largely been replaced by other audio formats. Is MP3 dead? Far from it! A non-profit social enterprise is using it as part of a groundbreaking solution to provide illiterate rural women with health education. It involves solar-powered MP3 players. And it’s an innovation from Germany – again.

According to the World Health Organization, about three-quarters of all illness in the developing world could be prevented by better nutrition, sanitation, immunization and health education — all areas in which women take the major responsibility. Millions of lives could be saved just by providing illiterate rural mothers with accessible health knowledge. URIDU, a German non-profit organization ( has now overcome the major problem of providing this information to remote areas that have no electricity.

They use a simple and efficient technological solution: rugged, solar-powered MP3 players. Continue reading “MP3 Is Not Dead – It Is Saving Lives in Africa”


Music Data Should Not Become ‘Part of an Arms Race’, says PRS CEO

Addressing PRS members and the wider industry at the society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), he said that sharing intelligence and working together are essential to ensuring ‘the right people are paid the right money as fast and accurately as possible’.

As recorded music returns to growth, it has attracted both venture capital and private equity investors, Ashcroft explained.

‘Music properties, companies servicing, or owning musical assets and rights, are once again fashionable acquisition targets’ he continued.

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How Data is Transforming the Music Industry

Fifteen years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod. Since then, most music fans have understood this has radically changed how they listen to music.

Less understood are the ways that raw information – accumulated via downloads, apps and online searches – is influencing not only what songs are marketed and sold, but which songs become hits.

Decisions about how to market and sell music, to some extent, still hinge upon subjective assumptions about what sounds good to an executive, or which artists might be easier to market. Increasingly, however, businesses are turning to big data and the analytics that can help turn this information into actions.

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VOISE, Decentralized Music Platform, Announces Radio DAO

Music platform VOISE has included a new feature to its upcoming music streaming and downloading platform. The new Radio DAO service will allow users to access a constantly streaming music service with a never-ending playlist. While they listen, then can also vote for the songs to be added and ranked on Radio DAO’s playlist.

The VOISE platform is in the process of raising funds through its ongoing crowdsale. The crowdsale involving Voisium (VSM) tokens went live on May 6, 2017, and in about ten days it has garnered over $150,000 in contributions. Investors participating in the crowdsale until May 20, 2017, stand to receive an additional 15% bonus. The crowdsale is part of VOISE’s alpha stage roadmap, which includes exciting developments lined up to follow soon after the ICO.

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California Roots Music Festival, LiveList Refine Branded Live Stream Model

LiveList and Weedmaps have teamed up to power the 2017 California Roots Music & Arts Festival live from Monterey, CA on May 26-28, 2017.

The global reggae community will be able to tune in for more than 25 hours of premium live content across three days that includes performances from over 20 internationally-known artists including Rebelution, Jurassic5, Dirty Heads, SOJA, Thievery Corporation, and more.

Few festivals have been able to create a mutually valuable brand-festival relationship focused on active engagement as opposed to passive viewing.

Combining top quality production and capture into the LiveList LiveChannel experience, fans can chat with artists and each other, post messages on a hashtag board, write articles and engage in real-time polls all the while engaging in a shared live experience.  Weedmaps, the presenting brand partner, will erect a “couch stage” in the center of the action for artist interviews, fan incentives and other goings-on — and all the activities will be live streamed as well as part of the larger program. Continue reading “California Roots Music Festival, LiveList Refine Branded Live Stream Model”

Will the Music Industry Embrace Voice-Controlled Technology?

For those of you following technology industry trends, it would not be surprising that many experts have been calling 2017 the “Year of Voice”. Along with VR and AI, voice recognition has the potential for highly meaningful long-term development. Instead of controlling everything via apps, we can now talk to virtual assistants to control everything from our computers to our cars, to our home.

The tech industry is increasingly focused on developing improvements and innovations in voice-controlled devices and services, following the success of Amazon’s Echo smart home device and the company’s Alexa personal assistant, in addition to Apple’s Siri and other initiatives. In fact, it’s Amazon that has really taken voice-controlled platforms mainstream.

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Music Streaming | The Week in Review

In case you missed all the great music streaming news we featured this week, here’s our Platform & Stream Week In Review for May 15 – May 19.

Monday: Guvera Shuts Down; Is The MP3 Officially Dead?; Long Live the Spotify Inbox

Tuesday: Spotify, Blockchain and the Future; Sound Royalties’ $100m Bet on Unlocking Artist Income; LiveXLive Acquires Wantickets

WednesdayCompeting With Paid; The MP3 Is Not Dead; Universal Partners with Tencent

ThursdayIt’s Demo Day for Techstars Music Start-Ups; Apple Music Shifts Away From Album Exclusives

Friday: Spotify Acquires AI Start-Up Niland; SiriusXM Circles Back to Pandora


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Spotify Acquires Niland

Spotify has announced the acquisition of Niland, a music recommendation engine based on Artificial Intelligence technology. The Paris-based start-up specializes in music analysis technology, made available via an API, which relies on machine learning to recommend music and create playlists.

Via Spotify: “Niland has changed the game for how AI technology can optimize music search and recommendation capabilities and shares Spotify’s passion for surfacing the right content to the right user at the right time.”

The team from Niland will join Spotify’s New York office. The plan is to help Spotify continue innovating and improving recommendation and personalization technologies resulting in more music discovery which benefits both fans and artists.

Cennarium to Stream ‘Live from Gramercy Park’ Cabaret Concert Series

For almost 130 years the performances at New York’s exclusive private club The Players have been accessible only to a select group of artists and influencers from the performing arts world. Now for the first time, a series of live performances have been filmed at the private social club and are available on performing arts streaming service Cennarium.

The concert series, “Live from Gramercy Park,” features 10 evenings of eclectic entertainment that celebrate the best of New York City’s cultural landscape. The performances were all filmed live at The Players, the historic theater club founded in 1888 by noted Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth. The series is hosted by Emmy award-winning composer, pianist, singer and music director Lance Horne and showcases celebrated music, theater and cabaret stars as well as dynamic rising talent from around the world.

“Cennarium is enabling us to bring our truly spectacular and original programming to audiences that would otherwise never see them,” said Michael Barra, who is producing “Live from Gramercy Park” with Christian Campbell, and is also president of The Players. “We are providing a sneak peek behind the exclusive doors of The Players and showing audiences great live entertainment from an incredible array of fascinating and unique artists that otherwise are only accessible to club members.” Continue reading “Cennarium to Stream ‘Live from Gramercy Park’ Cabaret Concert Series”

TuneIn Announces the TuneIn Festival VIP Series

TuneIn is offering listeners an inside look into some of this year’s biggest summer music festivals. The company will be strategically partnering with AEG/Goldenvoice, independent promoters, and premium brands for several high profile music festivals this year including: Hangout Music Fest, Movement Detroit on Red Bull Radio, Firefly Music Festival, Newport Folk Festival, Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, and Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival to bring dedicated, standalone festival radio stations to life on its platform.

As fans around the country gear up for their favorite summer fests, listeners can get a taste of what’s to come as they stream music by artists from each festival’s line-up via dedicated festival stations starting today on their mobile devices or in their connected homes.

These one-of-a-kind stations are human curated, human-hosted, 24-7 streaming channels programmed with music from every artist performing at each festival, as well as artists from previous years. During the festival, each station will also host select live-streamed performances, interviews and exclusive artist content. All of the festival stations will live on the TuneIn Festival VIP channel that houses links to each festival station, as well as exclusive artist sessions, and podcasts.

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I’m Streaming… But I Can’t Stop Buying Music!

I’m currently way down the rabbit hole with The Motels.

I’ve always loved the ‘hits’ (“Only the Lonely,” “Suddenly Last Summer”), but I never really took a deep dive into their catalog.

Until now. And what usually happens when I fall into the deep end of an artist’s catalog, I freak out and start consuming music content like a mad man.

I get a massive thrill when I discover music I missed the first time around, whether it’s from last year or 20 years ago. It’s like stumbling upon a pot of gold.

So here I am with The Motels.

And I want to know why “Little Robbers” is not available on Spotify or iTunes?

Why is that one album not part of the streaming/download deal for The Motels? Same thing with Van Morrison’s “Tupelo Honey.” Awhile back all of his catalog – thankfully – returned to the world of music streaming, but not “Tupelo Honey.”

Anyway…. So I have Spotify open and I’m streaming away with old school Motels.

“All Four One” was released in 1982. I was 10. What I know of the album is “Only the Lonely,” which is a classic.

But now I’m loving tracks like “Art Fails” and “Change My Mind,” which I am listening to over and over again.

But I have my iTunes open and selectively picking a few Motels songs to purchase.

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LiveXLive Acquires Wantickets, Expanding Reach to Millions of Engaged Live Music Fans

LiveXLive Tickets, a part of Loton’s LiveXLive worldwide premium live music video streaming network, today announced that it has acquired all of the operating assets of Wantickets, a branded leading online nightlife, electronic dance music and event marketing and ticketing company.

The acquisition greatly expands LiveXLive’s pool of festivals, and venues, and will allow the company to expand the reach of its content by utilizing Wantickets’ large database of ticket buyers, which will help launch its monetization engine, including pay per view, on demand and most importantly, a subscription model.

“This acquisition is hopefully the first of many and moves LiveXLive closer and closer to delivering the most unique user experience for consumers globally, providing them the ability to simultaneously interact and transact, all while enjoying the best live music in the world,” said Rob Ellin, President and Chairman of Loton and LiveXLive. “By adding a company with key expertise in reaching our music-loving audience, coupled with our skill in producing both live and original content experiences, we are growing closer to realizing our vision of becoming the singular destination for the enjoyment of music programming.”

LiveXLive’s acquisition of Wantickets will provide substantial cost savings in consolidating our technology, finance, marketing and sales teams. With the addition of Wantickets’ assets, LiveXLive will also expand its capabilities to deliver a completely integrated and immersive experience to consumers.

It will allow them to watch the best live content in the world while simultaneously fulfilling all of their social interaction and incremental e-commerce needs–such as ticketing, fan club memberships, VIP experiences, or travel packages–without ever leaving the live viewing experience. Additionally, LiveXLive will leverage the combined data from these transactions to promote live stream experiences for their favorite artists.

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