TuneGO Partners with Priority Records

TuneGO has announced a partnership with Priority Records. The label, responsible for launching the careers of Eazy-E, N.W.A., Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and many others, will provide distribution for TuneGO content in the United States and its parent company, Universal Music Group will handle the global market.

“This is exactly what we have planned from the beginning for TuneGO and TuneGO Music Group,” John Kohl, co-founder and CEO, TuneGO, said.

“Providing real opportunities to artists who want to fast track their career without having to go the traditional route of signing directly with a label. This partnership provides exposure to artists who wouldn’t have had the opportunity otherwise. And our secret sauce is the algorithms behind our Big Data that shows distribution companies and record labels the true potential of an artist and likelihood of mainstream success.”

TuneGO collects and analyzes Big Data from a variety of sources, such as online activity, fan engagement and industry feedback. “This data can be vital for distribution companies and record labels who are very hesitant to get involved with unknown artists – our Big Data offers insight as to an artist’s real viability,” said Alison Ball, President, TuneGO Music Group, an independent and innovative record label and a wholly owned subsidiary of TuneGO.

“I am impressed with TuneGO and its mission within the music industry that aligns with our goals at Priority Records to give independent artists a voice that is be heard above the daily noise,” said William “Fuzzy” West, General Manager of Priority Records. “I appreciate how TuneGO is collecting data; data that can actually help artists have more control over their own destiny while simultaneously helping us identify the artists ready to breakout which gives us an advantage over our competitors.”

TuneGO, which is free for artists and fans, is continuously monitoring its music platform for new artists with Big Data activity. Artists activity on the TuneGO platform is collected from multiple online and offline sources, such as social media followers, fan engagement and industry feedback.

A strong ranking on TuneGO can provide artists with access to career-boosting benefits including personalized A&R services, radio airplay, sync-licensing, music reviews, access to the world’s most accomplished producers and introductions to major music labels.

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