Tracklib Debuts, Enables Music Creators to Discover, Sample, License Original Recordings

Today marks the global launch of Tracklib, the world’s first and only music service that enables music creators to discover, sample and license original recordings.

The origin of music sampling dates back decades and has steadily gained popularity throughout the years with sample-based songs frequently sitting atop the Billboard Hot 100 charts and out-performing the songs they’ve sampled. In many cases the samples are not legally cleared, often leading to major lawsuits like the infamous Robin Thicke/ Pharrell “Blurred Lines” dispute. This can be attributed to the complicated, slow and expensive process of legally sampling a piece of music.

Tracklib has simplified the process of sampling music and now for the first time in music history, music can be licensed legally and affordably in minutes – directly on

Starting today, music creators all over the world can register for Tracklib where they can start searching the catalog of almost 60,000 tracks to use in creating new music. Tracklib’s rapidly-growing vault of music includes all genres recorded as far back as the 40’s. The service already boasts one of the most sampled songs in music history, “Impeach the President” by the Honeydrippers. High quality music tracks are available starting at just $1.99, with complete sample clearance for as little as $50.

The service has been beta tested by some of the world’s most established producers, including Statik Selektah, Havoc, Questlove, Liam Howlett and more than 25 Grammy Award Winners. Legendary producers, Prince Paul and Erick Sermon are also avid users of the service and sit on Tracklib’s Advisory Board.

Headquartered in Sweden, Tracklib is the next Swedish Tech Startup to revolutionize the music industry following in the footsteps of tech giants Spotify, Soundcloud and Kobalt, also founded in Sweden.

Tracklib’s global reach includes the U.S., where they have partnered with some of the most respected executives in the music industry. Music mogul, Tom Silverman, the founder of groundbreaking hip-hop label, Tommy Boy, is Tracklib’s U.S. partner. Tommy Boy’s artists pioneered sampling with songs like Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock,” and De La Soul’s “3Ft. High and Rising.”

The world’s sample clearance leader, Deborah Mannis-Gardner of DMG Clearances, Inc. is also part of the team that will help Tracklib engineer the future of music sampling. Deborah brings with her 25 years of music clearance experience, having worked to clear music for artists including Jay-Z, Macklemore, DJ Khaled, Kendrick Lamar. Artist and producer manager, Steve Lobel has also teamed up with Tracklib. Lobel is a producer manager that has worked with artists including RUN DMC, Fat Joe, Scott Storch, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Nipsey Hussle to name a few.

“The ability to sample music easily, legally and affordably has been a dream for many music creators for a long time,” said Pär Almqvist, CEO and Co-founder of Tracklib. “We are proud to finally make it possible and humbled by the response we have already received. This is truly the start of a music making revolution.”

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