Resonate, lifeID Partner to Improve How Music is Owned, Shared Online

Resonate, the ethical music co-op, and lifeID, a leader in blockchain-based, self-sovereign identity solutions, are announcing they have joined forces to improve how music is owned and shared online.

Resonate is a long-time proponent of blockchain technology, using it to enable a more efficient approach to music streaming. To fulfill key features of music ownership, management, user streaming rights and access, Resonate needed to integrate a blockchain-based identity solution.

Enter lifeID, an industry leader developing blockchain-based, public identity infrastructure for companies to enable user-managed identity for their digital and real-world ecosystems.

Identity plays an essential role for Resonate, helping establish ownership rights, publishing rights, as well as determining who can control and profit from their music. It’s equally important to be able to identify who can access and stream the music. Working together, Resonate and lifeID will provide a more effective way to offer and manage Resonate’s core streaming service capabilities.

“Resonate has solved one of the most important challenges for artists, creators and listeners,” says Chris Boscolo, CEO of lifeID. “We are excited to collaborate with Resonate, ensuring their users can confidently maintain privacy and security while enjoying the Resonate platform.”

Using the lifeID identity platform, Resonate can now ensure that an artist-owned and managed identity is attached to all musical assets, letting them to retain full control and credit; while fans can securely stream their favorite artists.

“Our new collaborative model is a natural fit. It addresses the needs of both artists and fans,” says Resonate CEO and founder, Peter Harris. “I’m really excited that we’re partnering with lifeID as they are a fully open-source system, run as a non-profit foundation. They are seeking to work with many other like-minded identity organizations to create universal standards.”

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