Play Hotel Music, AI Powered Music Streaming Service Tailored for Hotels, to Launch on Sep 16 at The Hotel Show Dubai 2018

Play Hotel Music, a tailored music streaming service for hotels, is planned to be launched at The Hotel Show Dubai 2018.

Play Hotel Music is powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), developed using data acquired over the years of providing instore music. The AI provides powerful curated playlists for all spaces and styles which are continuously updated depending on the time, season, and weather. Hotel managers will be able to provide the most optimal type of music for their hotel through just one click.

“Over the many years of providing an instore music service to over 10,000 clients in a wide range of areas, we found that hotels in particular required a more customized service compared with say a café or clothing store,” said Brandon, COO of Play Hotel Music, “a hotel manager requires more of a management tool as they need different music going out to different areas of the hotel like the lobby or bar. Our new service allows a manager to login from any device to do this easily”.

Often using a new service provide involves buying new hardware and installing new software but Play Hotel Music is a service provided straight through the web browser allowing management to easily schedule their playlists from any location and from any device, even allowing announcements, such as welcome messages, to be played seamlessly without exiting the program.

The music library cherry picked by professional musicians, is completely copyright clear allowing hotel managers to both save costs – no more yearly fees (performance rights fees) to collection societies, and to save time – no more reporting obligations to collection societies.

Play Hotel Music will include a week free trial with a number of pricing plans suitable for all needs and requirements. Each pricing plan will offer a similar music library and features but notably the higher plans allow music to be played and managed simultaneously in more than one location.

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