Super Hi-Fi, Associated Press Team to Bring AI-Generated Audio Newscasts to Streaming Music Subscribers

Super Hi-Fi today announced a collaboration with The Associated Press to transform AP’s daily global news content into audio-based stories that can be seamlessly embedded into any digital music service partner. Using Super Hi-Fi’s AI platform bundled with a customer content license from AP, thousands of daily news headlines from the AP will be available in real time to streaming music services with the full production quality of a DJ’d broadcast.

Super Hi-Fi uses text-to-audio coupled with its proprietary next generation audio-AI to produce highly polished, perfectly transitioned news sequences placed expertly between songs, and as a result offers listeners compelling AP news seamlessly stitched into their favorite stations and playlists with the adeptness of a produced DJ segment.

This collaboration allows subscribers to access headlines across a wide range of topics, on the go or through their home smart speakers, embedded directly into custom and curated playlists, or on their favorite streaming music channels. Listeners have all the power to customize how often they want to receive headlines throughout the day, whether they want them throughout a block of songs or at the top of the hour, every hour.

“Super Hi-Fi’s AI platform enables streaming music services to deliver fully customizable broadcast-quality audio news as it happens for each user on a variety of platforms, including custom playlists, curated playlists or preferred channels,” said Zack Zalon, founding partner of Super Hi-Fi. “The digital music landscape is on the verge of major growth and innovation in an unexpected place: the space between the songs, and we are incredibly excited to offer AP reporting as an extension of the innovative services we’re delivering to music experience providers around the globe.”

As digital music services look to differentiate themselves in a growing marketplace, the opportunity to bring breaking audio news in real time empowers subscribers to have access to the latest headlines without ever leaving their favorite music channels or digital service provider, leading to longer engagement. The industry has already witnessed a sharp increase in demand for up-to-the-minute text-based news. With the growth of the smart speaker category, on-demand audio-based news is primed for similar expansion through the use of Super Hi-Fi’s groundbreaking platform.

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