The Orchard, Audible Magic Partner to Address Industry-wide Problem of Verifying Music Rights Ownership

Audible Magic announced two new services, Rights Audit, and Rights Rx to address the industry-wide problem of distribution conflicts between rights owners and their respective music catalogs. As the world’s leading music and video distribution company, The Orchard has long recognized Audible Magic’s value and trusts them to strengthen their well-versed rights management procedures.

The process for music distributors to verify rights ownership across more than 200 territories before new music is added to a catalog is complex and extremely challenging. Both Audible Magic’s services dramatically simplify the determination of a conflict. The service will identify a whole track or clips from that track that have been registered by other rights holders in any territory. A conflict exists if a match is found both with the audio of the underlying sound recording and more than one rights owner has registered that content in the same territory.

Audible Magic’s, industry-leading, Emmy award-winning, Content ID technology performs a deep analysis that reveals conflicts often in small clips of music audio. Audible Magic’s catalog contains rights ownership information on over 25 million music tracks.

Both services are monthly subscriptions and can easily fit with a company’s content management system and existing workflows. Rights Rx™ is an entry level lower cost version of Rights Audit™.

“We are excited to offer these two services to begin to address a significant industry-wide problem, in an easy and cost-effective way,” said Vance Ikezoye, President and CEO at Audible Magic.

“Audible Magic’s tools provide a huge service to us. Rights management is an essential part of the business and it is important to make sure artists and labels are getting the revenue they deserve,” said Tucker McCrady, EVP & General Counsel at The Orchard.

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