Mushroom Labels Connects with Vistex to Deliver Royalty Dashboards to Artists, Managers

Vistex has been selected by Australia’s largest independent music group, Mushroom Labels. Vistex Online Statement Platform (OS2.0) will be used to manage its statement delivery, royalty and copyright information via a dynamic, corporate-branded dashboard to deliver intuitive financial analytics. This will enhance Mushroom Label’s use of the Vistex Record Maestro solution.

The OS2.0 platform offers the label potent functionality, powered by the Vistex state-of-the-art cloud solution, GTMS® (Go-to-Market Suite®), delivering unprecedented transparency for Mushroom Label’s customers via their own online statement portal. The continued success of OS2.0 has proven what Vistex has always known: transparency is a market advantage for building trust and long-term customer relationships.

“Vistex has been an important software partner for Mushroom Labels for more than a decade, so it was a natural fit to extend that relationship and work closely with them on their market-leading OS2.0,” said Lee Barlow, Head of Royalties and Analytics for Mushroom Labels. “Mushroom Labels is proud to be the first record label to globally rollout OS2.0 and it further underlines our commitment to delivering transparent, best-in-class royalty and analytics services to our artists and labels. We are already looking forward to working with the Vistex team on its next industry-leading product.”

Amos Biegun, Vistex Global Head of Rights and Royalties added, “Mushroom Labels has been a long-standing customer of ours and are front runners in implementing the Vistex OS2.0 solution for record labels. I am delighted that our OS2.0 platform continues to pave the way as the leading online collaboration tool for the music industry. Our clients’ enduring success with OS2.0 validates their investing in tools that increase transparency, trust and more harmonious relations between record labels, their artists and their clients.”

The Vistex OS2.0 is a cloud-based platform for music publishers and record labels that enables their clients to view, download and analyze royalty information and access key features like:

Royalty statements
Dashboard analytics
Copyright status
Financial position
Configurable, customizable and accessible 24/7 on any device


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