Super Hi-Fi Receives Patent for Technology That Bridges the ‘Space Between the Songs’ Across Digital Music Experience Providers

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent to Super Hi-Fi for its A.I.-powered capability which dynamically creates rich, personalized audio segments based on listener or brand preferences and instantly inserts them between songs mid-stream on digital audio platforms.

The capability allows Super Hi-Fi’s digital audio streaming customers across a variety of industries – such as on demand music streaming, terrestrial and internet radio, business and retail music providers, and digital fitness music platforms – to transform and customize their audio products at the individual listener level to deliver more appealing and engaging audio experiences.

The patent is Super Hi-Fi’s second patent granted in 3 months and applies to capabilities in its Broadcast Production Engine (BPE). It covers the selection of appropriate digital audio content elements as well as the sequencing, overlapping and mixing of those elements. The A.I.-powered technology in the BPE gathers and curates audio content based on user or brand preference and automatically “stitches together” bespoke audio segments that sound as though an audio professional spent hours in a recording studio to create them.

“We’re committed to help transform the sea of sameness that limits music providers and their listeners, who expect the ultimate listening experience,” said Brendon Cassidy, co-founder and chief technology officer, Super Hi-Fi. “Super Hi-Fi’s value proposition is simple; we radically improve how audio content is delivered and consumed to make the experience seamless, personalized and engaging.”

Super Hi-Fi’s capabilities allow music providers to easily and smoothly integrate digital audio content such as sonic branding; news, audio ads, podcast snippets; sound effects; announcer or DJ information and more, dynamically into digital audio streams.

Super Hi-Fi’s platform empowers digital music providers to offer their customers a personalized, sonic experience that can drive engagement and enduring loyalty. Since launch, Super Hi-Fi’s MagicStitch has powered billions of transitions between songs and audio content across the company’s music and content partners, including powerhouse brands iHeartMedia, Peloton, Universal Music Group, Napster, and The Associated Press.

The company is coming off a robust Q4: the granting of its two U.S. patents; billions of audio transitions processed across its platform; and a steady influx of new partners, including the recently-announced alliance with iconic music technology company Napster.

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