Bandsintown’s Artist Year in Review Reveals the Power of Live Music Data

To celebrate a record year of growth with 55m registered users, and 530,000 artists sending fans to 2.5m events in 2019, live music discovery platform Bandsintown is offering its artists an Artist Year in Review for the first time.

The Year in Review gives a snapshot of 2019, aggregating their live performance, fan response, ticketing information and creating a powerful window into their career and fanbase.

Available to every artist and management team registered on the Bandsintown For Artists platform, the Year in Review covers a wide range of data, from miles traveled to fan hotspots. It’s designed to help artists pinpoint what actions are prompting the best fan response and what initiatives might lead to an even more successful 2020.

Bandsintown is the only artists’ platform offering this kind of data related to concertgoers’ activities, such as tickets clicks and RSVPs to shows. “Bandsintown offers a trove of data in a meaningful but very accessible way. It is a big part of what we contribute to the artists’ community and success,” says Bandsintown Managing Partner Fabrice Sergent.

Year In Review is part of Bandsintown for Artists, the leading global “direct-to-fan” platform in the music world outside of music streaming services and social networks. The free platform enables artists to publish tour dates, message fans without filters, and access valuable insights. Thanks to the Year in Review, artists can share milestones with fans, such as their most anticipated show of the past year; the number of venues, cities, or countries played; and growth in followers, called “Trackers” on Bandsintown.

“We believe that live music brings people together through unique communal experiences and creates happiness and understanding in the world,” reflects Sergent. “Data are means to this end, and we are excited to share them with artists.”

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