Super Hi-Fi Surpasses 1B Audio Transitions Per Month

Super Hi-Fi announced it has surpassed 1 billion monthly music transitions, tripling volume from its last report in January 2020. Each transition reflects a unique AI calculation driving perfect song segues, sonic logos, personalities, audio advertisements, and other audio elements for commercial streaming music services.

From its growing customer base, Super Hi-Fi’s unique AI audio stitching and dynamic presentation technology platform now services millions of music listeners around the world, every day.

“The future of streaming music is more than just playlists of songs with long gaps of silence,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Zack Zalon. “We’re using advanced technology to create very human experiences… tapestries of emotional listening that drives engagement, loyalty, and love. Our goal is to delight our customers and their listeners, and this milestone certainly indicates that we’re on the right track.”

Super Hi-Fi is a suite of AI technologies designed for digital music and audio experience providers across a variety of use-cases including music, sonic branding, artist content, audio advertising, news & podcast snippets, or virtually any other kind of audio content a service may want. The technology perfectly blends and dynamically delivers this content directly into streaming music experiences, all in real time. The results are highly personalized, scalable listening experiences which have been almost inconceivable until now.

The B2B solutions-provider services industries such as on-demand music streaming; broadcast and internet radio; business and retail music providers; and digital fitness music platforms. Super Hi-Fi transforms and customizes its audio products at the individual listener level by dynamically creating rich, personalized audio segments based on listener or brand preferences and instantly inserts them between songs mid-stream. Super Hi-Fi currently fuels enhanced experiences for Sonos Radio, iHeartMedia, Peloton, and Napster and has partnerships with Universal Music Group, The Associated Press, and TargetSpot.


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