BeatSense & the Joys of Music Discovery

BeatSense is a real-time music streaming platform that presents the user the opportunity to discover and share music, live with others; as you were physically in the same room, at the same time. By integrating social aspects and generating crowd-driven playlists, while utilizing free, third-party music sources like YouTube, the BeatSense team believes it has crafted the ideal formula to shape the ultimate online music platform.

We recently caught up with BeatSense founders Oren and Shlomi to get an update on the platform and what’s next.

-What led you to start a ‘social music streaming’ service—what was the jumping-off point to start a new platform?
While we were wandering between the various alternatives, we kept on feeling that none of them are good enough. We didn’t want only to listen to music, we wanted to be elevated by it. And none of the options out there was providing that. We consider music as an emotional thing, a basic commodity. Connecting ‘music’ with ‘social’ was the conceptual platform to achieve the formula that we have perfected with time.

-Is there a secret sauce in building/operating a successful ‘Social Music Discovery’ product? What are the key parts you have to get right to make it all work?
You should carefully and continuously keep the right balance between the ‘music’ and the ‘social’ aspects. You don’t want one that will decrease the value of the other. We also give a big emphasis on the user experience and we want BeatSense to offer the best solution both for the social listeners and the sole listeners.

-Were there any notable obstacles in getting the BeatSense up and running?
We are constantly looking for obstacles to learn from and to deal with. They are our milestones to achieve the next improvement. As being a garage-mode endeavor, lacking the funds for PR and marketing, that makes the challenge of spreading the word about BeatSense and creating a buzz as our biggest obstacle.

-How does BeatSense differentiate itself from other platforms in the social music discovery marketplace?
It’s mostly about exceptional innovation. As well as our user experience which is always on the sweet spot between the numerous features and the clean and intuitiveness look and feel.

We attract different crowd from different demographies and keeping a continuous intimate connection with our users. You are always a button click away from human contact. We ourselves are users of the service and you would find us in the various rooms, chatting with our friends, our users. We are also the only service to offer a true crowd driven auto music discovery that keeps on attracting amazing feedback.

-What are your thoughts on the music streaming business as a whole?
The music streaming business is packed with many services that basically offer the same – an online music library. It is starving for true innovation, especially now when the world is in the midst of a transformation in which social distancing becomes a significant need. The full experience of music is not yet fully brought to online music consumers.

-What’s on the horizon for BeatSense? What plans do you have looking ahead for the service?
Spreading the word about BeatSense and to amaze the industry with our innovative approach and the way we are implementing it. We are aiming high – we want to change the game and let online-music consumers expect more from such services.

There are endless breathtaking features coming your way!


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