Music Partner Debuts Innovative Model for Music Scoring, Licensing in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Music Partner introduced its online subscription service, an easy way for filmmakers and other video content creators to not only acquire licensed music and scoring services for their projects but also earn income from royalty revenues. Members receive access to all tracks in the library and to services including scoring and music editing.

The demand for scoring and music library licensing has exploded over the last few years. The growth of content platforms means that everyone from production companies to YouTube personalities wants affordable legal music, but they have to contend with complicated licensing systems, outdated models, and lack of transparency.

To solve these issues, Music Partner provides an efficient and cost-effective way to acquire licensed music, document its usage, and deliver revenue from royalties. Offering both Lite and Full subscription levels, members gain access to music created by a worldwide pool of composer partners. The company emphasizes the concept of partnership – members benefit from the company’s commitment to their needs and to building mutual success.

Music Partner shares royalty revenues with filmmakers and producers from any broadcast project using the music library or scoring services. Thus, Music Partner is the only music provider offering a Profit-Sharing benefit, turning soundtracks into a source of profit. This approach solidifies our relationship with filmmakers and producers.


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