Beatchain Releases Industry-Leading Features to Help Independent Artists Beat the System

For new and emerging artists, the name of the game is exposure. But it can be difficult to manage multi-platform distribution, decide on a marketing strategy, keep up with fans on social media, and write music at the same time.

With these independent artists in mind, Beatchain, the innovative marketing and distribution platform, has just released its most recent industry-leading distribution tool: Hypelinks.

Beatchain’s new feature allows artists to share their music on every major platform — Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, and more — with one simple smartlink. Through the Beatchain app, Hypelinks can be set up in minutes, helping artists maximize their distributed tracks, conveniently and intuitively.

On top of the ease for listeners and followers, the data from a Beatchain Hypelink allows independent artists to know where to focus their distribution and find their fans.

The high page speed and treasure trove of data analytics offered make these smartlinks a new-age tool at the cutting edge of the music industry — built with the independent artist budget in mind. It offers the proficiency and analysis of an entire marketing and distribution department in the palm of an independent artist’s hand.

In short, Beatchain’s Hypelink feature is the best in the industry. “Too many smartlink offerings have limited analytics and high running costs,” said Luke Mendoza, CMO of Beatchain “We saw this as a great opportunity to use our expertise with music tech to help level the playing field for independent artists.”

Beatchain built their business on a vision to help artists focus on music, rather than spending a majority of their time playing the roles of Social Media Strategist, Marketing Manager and Distribution Director. That vision is giving musicians competitive advantages at the same level as artists on a label. The introduction of the Hypelink fits right in with an already expansive arsenal of new features on the Beatchain app; including Facebook Pixel, which can be placed directly onto the Hypelink for advertising data tracking, and campaign pre-saves, which allows music to be added to fan libraries immediately upon release, just to name a few.

Armed with a Beatchain app that has the same level of data and versatility as many music labels, artists are seeing innovative ways to get their name out there, and at the same time getting more time for doing what they love — creating.


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