The Music Tech Directory Makes Its Debut

The Music Tech Directory is now live. A global, one-stop digital resource on innovative music technology solutions and the overall music tech landscape, the Music Tech Directory is accessible to everyone.

Designed as a participatory platform that allows music tech innovators to showcase their work, disclose remarkable ideas, connect with others, research competitors or explore synergies, and identify new areas of growth, the Music Tech Directory embraces a global entrepreneurial spirit and seeks to increase the visibility of existing solutions to further the application of new technologies and business models.

Created by Matthias Strobel, President of Germany’s federal association for music technology, MusicTech Germany, the Music Tech Directory will also serve as a holistic innovation database for musicians, artists and anyone who works in the music industry (and beyond) to assist in identifying future trends and finding new tools and services that could lead to new emerging value creation opportunities for music.

A fair level playing field in the music ecosystem requires exchange of knowledge and access to information for everyone.

The music creation process and the value chain of music are driven by technological solutions today more than ever. The global music (tech) ecosystem is vast and its structure complex and often fragmented. Lack of visibility can kill even the best idea if only few know it exists.

Even though we live in a highly connected world, no single source for information on music tech organisations, products and services has been established so far.

That makes it difficult to search and find music technology from around the globe. At the same time, collaborative innovation and access to information on available tools and future trends are crucial success factors for artists, the music industry, music tech startups, researchers and investors alike in order to meet the individual needs of all parties involved.

The Music Tech Directory will provide access to resources of the future music ecosystem.

Music and technology have always been interconnected but innovation happens only when information is accessible, fields intersect, and people connect. The digital transformation of music and its industry is an opportunity to rethink how the music business is conducted, how artists are treated and how music is valued. Inevitably the music business will keep altering and the changes will most likely come from outside the traditional music industry. New solutions will rise from the bottom up, initiated by music-loving developers and passionate entrepreneurs.

The Music Tech Directory allows music tech innovators to expose their innovation at large and to connect with others. It enables free-of charge discovery of new technologies that can unlock new creative and economic opportunities for artists and the music business.

Everyone who works with music technology is invited to create profiles on the platform and list their products, services, hacks, prototypes, research findings or organisations on it.


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