Octiive Moves to Accelerate Artist’s Creativity, Careers

Octiive, the largest digital music distributor and creativity hub run by musicians, for musicians, has announced changes intended to boost the incredible work produced by its users.

In order to ensure that quality releases are getting all of Octiive’s benefits and the best chances of being heard on top streaming services, the unlimited yearly plan will now be offered only at the Label Level.

By far the best deal in the business, it allows any organization of up to 20 artists to release everything they produce for only $190 a year. Solo artists will still be able to take advantage of Octiive’s best-in-the-business, pay-as-you-go rates (which will raise slightly to $9 for a 1-3 song single and $19 for an album of up to 30 tracks).

And as always, Octiive leads all competitors in paying artists the highest royalty percentage and getting access to the largest network of platforms including Tencent in China, Apple, Spotify, Google Play, TikTok, and over 600 other major retailers. As always, the first single is free.

“At Octiive, we’re all musicians, and we’ve optimized everything to create the platform that serves artists best,” said Dakota Corum, Octiive’s Director of Operations. “With our reconfigured plan offerings we are able to give more to artists who are passionate about what they are doing. Quality always wins.”

The plan changes take place immediately. Pricing for past customers is not effected.


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