Beatchain Takes Over Instagram’s Beloved “Artist Growth Tips”

In yet another win for musicians who are looking to bypass the music label model, digital marketing platform Beatchain has completed a deal with Avora Now to take ownership of the hugely popular Instagram page for musicians, Artist Growth Tips (previously known as avoranowcom).

Since 2018, independent music distribution company, Avora Now, has gathered a highly engaged Instagram following of indie artists and marketers, posting enlightening inspiration and helpful tips in posts like “Why You Should Ask Fans to Follow You on Streaming Sites,” and “Covid-19 Sucks But Here’s What You Can Do As An Artist.”

Picking up where Avora Now left off, Beatchain will be giving artists the most cutting-edge, hot insights into modern music distribution on the Artist Growth Tips on Instragram. But on top of the digestible lists and how-to’s, they also offer a host of additional expertise on marketing and distribution of music, including analytics, social media strategy, advertising, branding, and website building.

Regarding the acquisition, Ben Mendoza, Beatchain CEO said, “Beatchain was approached by Karan Beghi of Avora Now a few months ago regarding taking on their great ‘Artist Growth Tips’ site Karan and I agreed it would be important to all the 21.5K existing followers of the site, that under Beatchain’s control it would remain the go-to source for high-quality educational material for aspiring artists and creators. It will not replace our popular Beatchain blog which, understandably, focuses on what’s new at Beatchain.”

For fans of the already popular account, there is nothing but added benefits coming from the move under Beatchain’s umbrella. In addition to more frequent Instagram posts and hands-on industry know-how, Beatchain will be helping independent artists transition from Avora Now’s distribution service to the Beatchain music marketing platform, where artists will be getting even more tools at their disposal, for a better price.

Karan Beghi, founder of Avora Now, will now be turning his attention to his new start-up,, a music catalog management/organization and protection platform for artists, producers and record labels worldwide. But Beghi is thrilled with Beatchain’s plans for the Artist Growth Tips account.

“It was important to be able to hand over our clients to a distribution company that cares, and, from my meeting with the entire team, It was apparent from the get-go that Beatchain was a company that cares deeply about our artists, and the ones they already serve,” said Beghi. “I’d also like to thank all the artists who trusted in our platform, from both the distribution side of our business, to our educational content across social media. I’m also incredibly excited to see what creative content Beatchain’s talented team has in-store!”

Follow the Artist Growth Tips account here.

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