Celebrated Electronic Duo Booka Shade Partners with Surround

Surround, the blockchain-powered ecosystem for the music business, is announcing a collaboration with Booka Shade. The Berlin-based electronic power duo are joining Surround as artist early adopters and will be part of the platform’s beta test.

“Artists with strong production knowledge are very important for our vision of Surround,” explains Stefan Schulz, CEO and co-founder of Surround. “Working together from the point of creation will allow our technology to provide the highest value to the market, synchronizing the world’s data for the benefits of artists and copyright owners in the safest way possible“.

Booka Shade is uniquely qualified to support and guide Surround. Popular artists with a widespread following and impressive festival history, the duo have also been instrumental in founding several labels and imprints, including Get Physical Music, a landmark label in the electronic music scene. The duo has remained staunchly independent, releasing music on their own Blaufield music.

Using Booka Shade’s metadata from the group’s latest album release, Dear Future Self, the Surround team investigated how the album’s tracks were moving through the music industry’s complex and opaque pipelines. As fully independent artists who own both the recording and composition side of their tracks, Booka Shade has both sides of their music to manage. That increases the challenge of managing metadata and monitoring income significantly.

“All stakeholders need and want a better way to handle all this data and ensure it’s correct,” notes Surround SVP, Operations Johannes Cordes, whose extensive A&R and artist management experience will inform Surround’s collaboration with Booka Shade. “Our goal is to make everyone’s lives easier by setting up a more efficient system based on immutable, transparent technology.”

“The music business has gone through many changes. The use and availability of music has changed completely. Regional music markets have become a global music market. More and more music is produced and flooded into the sales channels. This flood of music and data leads to an overload of the systems, which are no longer able to ingest and process them correctly,” Booka Shade’s Arno Kammermeier reflects. “As artists and creatives, we lose overview. With Surround, we see the chance to regain more control over our music and its value development. We look forward to working on this promising platform and helping to develop it further.”

“We are thrilled that we have won over one of the most important and influential teams of artists and producers in electronic music to help guide our future vision of a fairer, better, and more organized music industry,” Cordes says. “Their enthusiasm, experience, and advice will help us develop an even better product for musicians and the music business.”

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