19 Writers, 19 Songs, 4 Days: Inside the Distiller Records x Steereo Virtual Songwriting Camp

Fueled by London-based Distiller Records, alongside partner Steereo, a music streaming app exclusive to Uber & Lyft drivers, the virtual songwriting camp took place Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May 2020 via Zoom.

The camp aimed to give upcoming global writers the chance to write their own music, with the help of well-established mentors, with the purpose of producing demo’s that can be used to pitch for sync and major artists.

The virtual songwriting camp was held over the course of 4 days and a listening session on the morning of the 5th. There were 5 groups of 3 writers. Each writer had a primary and secondary talent and was grouped with others based on group skills.

Each group had a group lead, also known as an assistant producer, that assisted and mentored each group.

The use of Audiomovers enabled each group of writers to ‘live broadcast’ ideas in real time to each other so there was no loss of momentum or timely delays, which eliminated the use of conventional time-consuming processes (i.e. sending large files/stems via WeTransfer or Dropbox).

This resulted in a ‘real time’ element of the camp.

The music industry has been largely disrupted through live, industry events. Stereeo conducted a poll among 160 artists and found that…

*73% of these artists created at least one new song
*75% of them performed “live” across online platforms such as Zoom and social media and
*77% of them collaborated with someone new all during the month of April

The virtual songwriting camp was a big success, featuring 19 very talented content writers from around the world, across three continents, who wrote 19 amazing songs. Many of the tunes will be pitched for syncs, including the likes of Adidas and Nike ads.

“It was an absolute pleasure to host the first ever virtual songwriting camp alongside our partners Steereo,” John Thompson, CEO of Distiller Records, said. “It was an immense challenge to pull together 19 writers and producers from all over the world and have them make music together. This was only made possible with the excellent team who worked tirelessly throughout the week, as well as the commitment and drive from the writers themselves.”

Thompson added: “I would like to thank the Distiller and Steereo team for all of their hard work as well as Dimitri Tikovoi and Drew Bang who’s passion, drive and determination made for an excellent camp.”


Introducing: The Mentors

Dimitri Tikovoi
Grammy nominated record producer and DJ who has worked and sold over 4 million albums with bands including Placebo, The Horrors, Charli XCX, Mikky Ekko, Ghost, Blondie and Becky Hill.

Assistant Producers
Negin Djafari
Clément Aubert
Valentin Aubert

Participating Producers and Artists

A selection of globally recognised producers and artists took part across the 4-day virtual songwriting camp where they worked in teams to co-write together.

Introducing: The Producers

Calvin Dixon
Dave Betts (The Ramona Flowers)
Ed Gallimore (The Ramona Flowers)
Hugh Worskett

Introducing: The Artists

Sophie Scott (Sophie and The Giants)
Amy Grace (Zara Larsson)
Okan (Camilla Cabello, Sean Paul)
Liam Geddes
Chase Murphy
Quentin (Mosimann)
Ruben Young
Iamchelseaiam (Chelsea Johnson)
Tangina Stone
Alexandra Brinkley (AXYL)
Moa Munoz
Oscar Bell
Lilian Bosco

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