Synchtank Taps 20th Century Fox Royalty Executive, Leading Developers to Bolster Royalty Accounting Platform IRIS

Synchtank, the SaaS platform for managing entertainment assets, metadata and royalties, has hired several new executives to bolster its royalty accounting platform, IRIS. Los Angeles-based Janet Landrum joins as Royalties Specialist, while London-based engineers Dr. Nick Beitner and Carlos da Costa join as Lead Architect and Senior Developer.

In her role as Royalties Specialist, Landrum will lead the development of the IRIS (International Repertoire Information System) platform, launched earlier this year to change the game of royalty accounting and unlock real value for rights holders and rights administrators. Her knowledge of film and media will help deepen Synchtank’s extensive work in the sector.

“With over 30 years of experience in royalties and publishing, Janet is the perfect addition to the IRIS team as Synchtank continues its mission of improving efficiencies between the supply and demand sides of digital entertainment,” said Chris Cass, Synchtank’s Chief Business Officer.

Prior to working with Synchtank, Landrum spent over two decades at 20th Century Fox, most recently as Executive Director, Royalties, and has also held positions at Windswept Pacific and BMI. During her time at Fox, she worked with an extensive film and television music catalog, overseeing the processing of incoming and outgoing publishing royalties and handling extremely large volumes of foreign and domestic royalty statements.

“I’m thrilled to land at Synchtank working with IRIS to help publishing companies improve workflow, streamline processes, and handle massive amounts of data with the least amount of headaches!” said Landrum.

Furthering its commitment to building industry-leading technology solutions, Synchtank has enlisted Dr. Nick Beitner and Carlos da Costa to oversee the expansion and technical infrastructure of the IRIS platform.

Beitner, who holds a PhD in Computer Science and brings 25 years’ experience of engineering end to end software database systems, has spent the last 8 years designing and architecting a fintech services platform and was key in bringing Formula 1 online. An experienced engineer, Da Costa specializes in large scale technical web architecture and development.

The pair bring deep big data and performance expertise to the team, which will continue to expand further in the coming months to meet rapid roll out plans.

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