Synaesthetic Debuts the LAVA & LEAP

Synaesthetic is emerging from stealth mode by unveiling a product teaser video of the LAVA platform (Light for Audio-Visual Augmentation) – a connected projector that streams original content from their mobile app.

Samim Safaei (CEO) says: “The LAVA is admittedly simple, but that’s the point. It will be affordable for the average person, while building up our platform to flourish with complexity over time.”

With this debut, the Boston-based startup is seeking artist partnerships to pioneer ‘the world’s first truly immersive music content’, in the LEAP (LAVA Early Access Program).

“We’re excited to finally engage the public, with an open call to artists who want new ways to engage fans remotely and pioneer new music experiences like immersive live-streams, in a post-COVID world. If you think visually or value immersion, we want to hear from you.”

In a time where the live performance industry has seen tectonic shifts and everyone has been forced to rethink how we distribute and consume music, Synaesthetic offers a novel type of music experience that brings some of the magic of a live show right to the consumer, while opening up opportunities for the industry to adapt to our new reality.

“Well before COVID that virtual and immersive music was emerging, the numbers just made sense, and now this idea has become widely-accepted. We’re fortunate enough to be at the forefront of this opportunity, and are now ready to build partnerships of all kinds.”

In these unprecedented times, Synaesthetic is a startup with an original, thoughtful vision and quite the passion for their mission with notably philosophical & artistic DNA. For more information, visit:

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