Craft Brewed Music Debuts New Podcast Series

Boutique streaming service Craft Brewed Music, started in Nashville in 2018, announced the launch of The Craft Brewed Music Podcast, available on all mainstream podcast providers.

Craft Brewed Music® is a curated service that streams “better music for serious listeners” and bills itself as “the small batch streaming app”.

The Craft Brewed Music Podcast features in-depth conversations with some of world’s greatest and most off-the-beaten-path musicians. Co-hosted by CBM founder Brian Horner and CBM artist Aaron Stayman, the podcast is published twice monthly.

Episodes 1 and 2 are currently available. Episode 1, “What Is Craft Brewed Music?”, seeks to answer that question, and Episode 2 features “beatbox sax” sensation Derek Brown. Episode 3 will be published November 11 and features vocalist Davina Lozier of Davina & the Vagabonds.

“Partnership with our artists has always been a core part of our ethic, and I’m excited – both for myself and for our audience – to have a chance to deepen those relationships,” commented Craft Brewed Music CEO (and podcast co-host) Brian Horner. “Aaron and I have enjoyed trying to get at the heart of what makes these artists ‘craft’ and are looking forward to many more fascinating conversations.”


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