Linkfire Partners with YouTube, YouTube Music, Making Streaming Data More Accessible to Artists and Labels

Linkfire, the music industry’s most popular smart link platform, announced today that it has partnered with ​YouTube​,​ ​the world’s leading content platform with over 2B active users per month,​ ​and ​YouTube Music streaming service.

The partnership provides artists, managers, and labels with more transparency around how link click-throughs to YouTube and YouTube Music translate into streams on those services.

This invaluable conversion data offers deeper insights into the fan journey and a more effective way to measure the success of YouTube campaigns.

Trusted by major labels and over 50,000 artists, Linkfire’s automation tools seamlessly connect billions of fans to their favorite music, while providing artists and their teams with unparalleled marketing insights. YouTube and YouTube Music are the latest to join Linkfire’s extensive list of data partners, including Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more.

YouTube Music is the only streaming service with official singles, albums, playlists, remixes, music videos, live performances, covers, and hard-to-find music you can’t get anywhere else. With YouTube Music, you can listen to the latest hits, find songs that you love, stay connected to the music world, and discover tons of new music to enjoy on your devices. YouTube now has over 30 million Music and Premium paid subscribers, and over 35 million including those on free trials.

“​It’s an exciting day—welcoming YouTube and YouTube Music to our list of data attribution partners will build on the work done to make music marketing a more transparent space,” says ​Andrea Arcari, Linkfire’s chief business development officer​. “This partnership will allow marketers to measure ROI when directing people to YouTube Music content, as well as official artist videos on YouTube.​”

“Connecting the dots between our marketing efforts and actual music/video consumption is one of the greatest challenges in our business,” says ​Yannick Peary, senior director of digital marketing at Atlantic Records​.​ ​“Visibility into streaming attribution for YouTube will be a crucial insight into how millions of fans interact with our content, as well as understanding the global media and music landscape as a whole.”

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