Beatchain Unites a Constellation of Artist Services and Direct-to-Fan Providers

To fulfill its vision of leveling the playing field for artists, the one-stop marketing and distribution platform Beatchain has actively been securing partnerships and collaborations in the B2C, music training, and artist services world — those who are passionate about offering tools directly to artists.

Much like the digital-minded artists for which they have built their tools, the team at Beatchain is well aware that the future of the music industry lies in timely collaborations, grassroots networking, and multi-faceted value streams.

“We’re excited to be part of a community of straight-to-artist platforms that offer cutting edge tools to help boost music education and careers,” said Luke Mendoza, CTO of Beatchain. “It helps all of us know that changing the landscape of the music industry isn’t just an idea, but a movement.”

Among the companies Beatchain has engaged with is the Point Blank Music School, a music training site focusing on audio engineering, vocals, songwriting, and the business of music. Students get a discount on Beatchain’s website designer, smart links, mailing lists, and its A.I.-based advertising program, Fan Builder.

In addition, Point Blank hosted an interview with Mendoza, discussing the future of the music industry and the opportunities and pitfalls for aspiring artists.

On top of partnerships with Point Blank, Beatchain has also engaged with:

Data Transmission – Series of how-to videos on Beatchain services were designed and posted on the online dance music magazine
Utopia Talks – A new virtual conference hosted by Jaguar (Radio 1/BBC DJ and future industry leader), where Medoza gave a masterclass on building an authentic fan base
International Music Summit – Electronic music thought leadership platform, where partnership is still in the works
MixMaster.Live – Beatchain hosted two panels on its offerings during the electronic music summit for building electronic music career
Rotor – Music video creation tool
Cloudbounce – High quality, affordable audio mastering service

“There are so many amazing tools out there for artists to create, record, mix, market and distribute music,” Mendoza said. “We don’t need to rely on the old, heavily filtered way of getting great music to fans. And we are proud to be one of many solutions for artists to kick off music industry 2.0.”

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