SyncFloor Partners with Symphonic’s Bodega Sync

SyncFloor is teaming up with Bodega Sync, a division of Symphonic Distribution, and launching a SyncStore™ for their boutique sync service.

This new digital marketplace will help sync professionals and creatives of all kinds find the perfect track in Bodega Sync’s exclusive one-stop catalog, thanks to SyncFloor’s intuitive search.

SyncFloor’s branded SyncStore™ websites let catalog holders with unique offerings highlight the strongest, most intriguing sides of their repertoire. Music professionals searching for music can see upfront what licenses are available and how the track might fit into their budget. It’s part of SyncFloor’s vision for an improved, frictionless experience that unlocks amazing independent music for sync professionals.

“We are incredibly excited to launch our partnership with SyncFloor,” says Bodega Sync’s Senior Director, Jon Mizrachi. “Having such a unique and intuitive search interface with end-to-end licensing through our website opens up a whole new vertical for us, and we’re confident our highly-curated boutique sync roster will be a big asset to SyncFloor’s music marketplace. I really couldn’t imagine finding a more complementary fit for both our growing businesses.”

“Bodega Sync has the kind of catalog we love working with: creative, high quality, one-stop and fiercely independent,” says Kirt Debique, Co-founder and CEO of SyncFloor. “We’re excited to add value for people seeking music for picture and to offer more opportunities to the artists Bodega Sync works with.”

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