Palcast Launches to Give Podcasts More Love

Last week, Spotify released its yearly tradition “Spotify Wrapped,” but for podcast fans the fun was limited to just a few data insights.

Not to worry. Palcast has launched to analyze your podcast listening data in more detail and let’s you compare your taste with friends.

Here’s what you’re able to do on Palcast:

–Analyze your podcast listening pattern and discover your top podcasts, top categories, and hours spent listening.
–Compare with friends and discover shows and even episodes that you have listened to in common.

Co-Founders David Tran and Ricky Yean created Palcast because the recent explosion in podcasts meant that discovering good podcasts to listen to is harder than ever.

Despite 1 in 3 Americans listening to podcasts regularly, being a podcast fan is still a very isolating experience. A common topic of conversation these days is, “What podcasts are you listening to?” and finding out a friend listened to the same podcast has delighted people everywhere, sparking conversations and friendships. We aim to achieve some of that by introducing this to the world before the end of this lonely pandemic year.

Spotify becoming more dominant also means better data insights that track actual listening as opposed to the traditional “download” metric, and they have made some of that available in a new Podcast API for third-party developers like Palcast to create exciting new experiences.

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