NetEase Cloud Music Announces New Initiative to Foster the Growth of Music Content Creators

NetEase Cloud Music announced a new “Music Talent” initiative to leverage its competitive edge as a community to connect, inspire and engage quality content creators to cater to the country’s booming music industry.

Music Talent is a new concept incubated and developed by NetEase Cloud Music. With this new initiative, NetEase Cloud Music aims to support and grow the Music Talents on the platform who create derivative music content, such as music videos, radio podcasts, playlists and other forms of mediums to broadcast and distribute music. The initiative aims to help more everyday artists to earn an annual income of over RMB1 million or more, and facilitate the development of music multi-channel network (MCN) companies.

This initiative also demonstrates NetEase Cloud Music’s ongoing emphasis on content creation, especially the exploration of diverse forms of high-quality and high-value content generation. Since 2016, NetEase Cloud Music has focused deeply on supporting the development of original music and fostering creativity. The platform is home to over 200,000 Chinese independent musicians as of October 2020, a 100% year-over-year growth.

As part of the initiative, NetEase Cloud Music will provide platform-certified talent with a wide range of support, such as traffic referrals and revenue incentives, among others. Support may also include helping talent diversify their income sources through incentives and business cooperation, and providing professional guidance on content creation.

NetEase Cloud Music has also harnessed the unique advantages of its community to attract a large number of young users, with over 90% of its users being under 29 years old. These users are keen to create and share high-quality music in a variety of forms and have a willingness to pay for such content. Additionally, with an established user-generated content (UGC) ecosystem, NetEase Cloud Music is committed to providing its Music Talent and independent musicians with all-around support and ideal growth conditions.

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