Staccs to Launch New Streaming Service for Music Concerts

Staccs, a Swedish tech startup, will launch a new, premium streaming service for music concerts providing fans with the opportunity to relive their favourite concerts, on demand.

Set to launch in the Nordics in the first quarter of 2021, Staccs opens up new, untapped commercial opportunities for the music industry with its user-centric business model – offering artists and rights holders a new revenue stream to market classic video content. The new home for concerts on demand, Staccs will offer fans the chance to relive their favourite gigs advert free in the highest quality possible.

After 3 years of development, Staccs has created a platform which will stream high-quality, premium video and high-fidelity audio content – all available in one place. Access to Staccs is based upon a simple user subscription model which will be tiered according to options dependent on upgrades to content or sound.

For the music industry, the platform presents a new, untapped revenue stream. With so many great concerts digitally available, Staccs will bring them back but in a refreshed, modern way which will benefit not only the artists but also the rights holders. All potential earnings for the artists and rights holders will be directly correlated to the content the fan engages with. This user-centric model will see Staccs divide each fan’s subscription fee only between the rights holders for the video content they’ve watched, rather than the traditional pay-per-play models used by other services which sees subscription fees divided up by overall streams on the entire platform.

If a fan only watches one particular artist, then that artist’s earnings will be benefited by that fan’s subscription fee.

It offers the industry a unique opportunity to utilise the Staccs model as part of a wider marketing plan to support promotion objectives. Staccs will be able to work strategically with the artist in a way which is all in sync to campaign cycles, plans or any other priorities. The platform will soon be considered as a key integration to any music marketing plan.

With live music suffering due to the pandemic, Staccs is reigniting the connection between music fans and their love for live music by helping artists and rights holders in rediscovering classic video content that can be enjoyed and accessed by fans easily. Staccs is helping the music business by maximising the potential commercial value of classic concert material.

Jonas Sellberg, Co-Founder and Head of Artist Relations of Staccs, commented: “We’re delighted to unveil Staccs. Through focussing on adding genuine value both to music fans and the music industry ecosystem, we’ve created a new platform that we’re very proud of and believe will help artists commercially. The music industry – artists and rights holders specifically – will all benefit from our model of marketing classic video content that can be repurposed and utilised as part of the overall music ecosystem. Our premium, high-quality streaming service exists for the music fan, providing them with a place to relive their favourite, legendary moments but also, to engage and discover music – during a time when fans are missing live concerts the most.”

The streaming service will be available for any device and screen size, allowing fans to watch on the go, in any format, whether it be on a mobile device, or in the comfort of their home synced up to a web browser. Pricing details will be revealed ahead of launch which is set for the first quarter of 2021, firstly across the Nordics and details of a UK launch will be shared later.

The new home for concerts on demand, Staccs is set to offer music fans the opportunity to relive their favourite concert moments. For more information, head to

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