rightsHUB Launches Online Music Rights Data Enrichment Tool

Music rights data and asset management platform rightsHUB has added DataDoktor to its suite of music management tools.

By precisely matching data and exposing errors, DataDoktor will enable music rights holders to check, clean, enrich and enhance their existing catalogue data simply and efficiently.

Building on rightsHUB’s existing data and asset management tools, DataDoktor helps rights holders identify, report and resolve errors in their data and assets. In today’s digital-first music industry missing or incomplete data or assets that do not comply with current standards can significantly harm discoverability, attribution, and monetisation for rights holders.

By flagging and resolving missing or incomplete data, as well as enriching existing data to include new fields, DataDoktor helps protect the value of rights holders’ catalogues, saves significant time, and eliminates repetitive data entry. Better data can also open up new deals and opportunities, including being able to switch more easily between partners, allowing rights holders the ability to find the best deals available.

Over recent months rightsHUB has brought a number of significant new customers onto the platform including Sentric Neighbouring Rights, One Little Independent Records and Marathon Music Group, Axtone & FatCat Records who have begun using rightsHUB’s suite of tools to streamline their management of music rights data and assets.

Cherish Mengel, Business Affairs, Marathon Music, commented on joining rightsHUB: “As Marathon Music Group has evolved over the years our catalogue has grown substantially, we have been on the look out for exciting solutions to help our team manage our rights and assets effectively, we recently got on board with rightsHUB and it has become a great tool in helping our team to streamline our processes. We’re so happy to be working with them as we enter this new phase of growth.”

Added Paul Johannes, General Manager, One Little Independent Records: “For years we have been looking for the one stop solution for managing our content, something to help save us time and resources, rightsHUB is a great fit for our business, they have an impressive suite of tools that can help us grow and focus more on the marketing and promotion of our releases rather than the mundane but very important back end work, we look forward to working with them going forward.”

Lee Morrison, CEO, rightsHUB commented on the launch of DataDoktor: “After seeing first- hand the difficulties rights holders face in ensuring their catalogues are enriched and fully monetised, the changes in DSP requirements mean changing partners and entering new deals is a huge task and often missed due to the work involved, rightsHUB changes all of that. By creating these tools we saves content owners time and money and help increase revenue whilst in turn creating a clean data flow to recipients, saving them valuable resource costs”

The company has also launched Catalogue Academy – a free 12 week programme of short, insightful webinars sharing knowledge and insight from rightsHUB’s own experienced team, who have decades of experience at the forefront of the topic. Aimed at helping practitioners across the industry stay on top of current trends, the programme also includes contributions from leading experts in music data and rights management.

As part of the programme rightsHUB has partnered with the UK’s Association of Independent Music, offering the organisation’s members free tailored music rights, data and asset management advice. Through the partnership, rightsHUB will help ensure AIM members’ rights businesses are as strong as possible in the current climate.

With an emphasis on providing practical advice, the programme will help share tips, best practices and up-to-the-minute trends to help you stay on top of the complex world of managing music rights data and assets in the best way. Webinars will be available both live and on-demand, covering a range of music data topics, such as linking recordings & compositions the sustainability of live streaming.

Catalogue Academy is entirely free of charge. To access all content, register at: www.catalogueacademy.com

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