Kartel Music Group Launch Electronic Music Platform EMK

UK-based artist and label services company Kartel Music Group announce the launch of EMK, a new electronic music platform that will encompass record label, publisher and multimedia platform dedicated to promoting and celebrating all forms of electronic music and culture.

Offering a window to both established and rising electronic music artists, EMK’s first release comes from emerging British producer DEFSET, with debut single ‘Deadlines’ due on March 2nd and a debut album set for release later in the year.

Set to invest more deeply in artists’ creative vision, EMK is designed to bridge the gap between the thriving DIY release culture supported by Kartel’s Artist Services and Distribution platform and the deeper support that is possible from more traditional record label structures.

Launched in 2002, Kartel Music Group has quickly gained status in the music industry for its forward-thinking and progressive attitude to artists and label services. The independent global music services company offers integrated solutions for marketing and e-commerce, campaign management, digital and physical distribution, manufacturing, promotions, digital media and creative services, sync and licensing.

The launch of a in-house label is a natural expansion for the company whose main focus is reimagining the music industry for creative entrepreneurs in the digital age.

Kartel CEO Charles Kirby-Welch says:

The team at Kartel are committed to the provision of world class independent music marketing and distribution. This commitment starts and ends with a deep passion for empowering independent artists. The recorded music business can be a challenging environment for independent artists and it is vital that real choice exists for creative entrepreneurs. We recognise that sometimes just being a service provider and distribution partner is not enough. The Label Services and Distribution model is now well adopted by the industry so it seems like the right moment to question the status quo and challenge ourselves to innovate and look ahead.

We know that many artists need and want a dedicated team that is something we experience on a daily basis. That is why we have launched our first label orientated platform called EMK. We don’t see it as a traditional label, but rather another step forward in our near 20 year journey to promote and support the artists, the music and the culture that we truly love.”

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