Feed Media Group Adds eOne Artists, Distributed Labels to Adaptr

Feed Media Group, a technology company helping businesses incorporate music to create more engaging experiences, has inked a deal to bring tracks from artists and labels distributed by leading independent entertainment company Entertainment One (eOne) to its new Adaptr platform.

Adaptr’s library of fully licensed songs accelerates the time to market for startups, helping them launch and develop traction without the need for lengthy direct licensing negotiations.

Tracks from eOne artists and labels are now available in Adaptr’s growing catalog, which also includes tracks from Warner Music Group, BMG Records, Equal Vision Records, Vio Mobile, and A-Train Distribution.

“Our mission with Adaptr is to give developers the tools to quickly and easily deliver the right song to the right person at the right time,” said Bryn Boughton, Head of Platform and Licensing at FMG. “eOne understands that having its music readily available for startups means it stays on the leading edge of entertainment, and their catalog is a great addition for our developer community to have for immediate use in their apps.”

“At eOne, we’re always looking for innovative new ways to get our artists’ music in front of new fans. When we heard about Adaptr, we knew we had to be part of it,” said Bill Wilson, eOne’s SVP, Operations & Innovation, Music. “We’re finding more and more music discovery happens on apps, games, and other media, and this deal ensures our artists will be right in the mix for the next new must-have music app.”

Adaptr is truly designed for startups: to qualify, the company must have raised less than $7.5 million in funding, and their app must be earning less than $4.5 million in annual revenue. The Starter package is just $69 a month and allows for instant licensing. Adaptr helps new businesses get to market immediately with hit music, without having to go through lengthy negotiations or infringe while they figure out their music strategy.

For more information or to sign up, go to http://www.adaptr.com.


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