ForTunes Users Can Now Track Their Content on Twitch

ForTunes, the music data analytics app created by artists for artists, is announcing the addition of Twitch as a trackable platform on its app. The biggest video game and video streaming platform in the world, Twitch offers infinite opportunities for musicians and artists to share their content and gain followers.

“Though it started as a video game streaming service, Twitch has become the go-to platform for content creators to stream video content to fans and customers,” said Florian Richling, artist, producer, and founder of ForTunes. “Artists can use Twitch to connect with fans by streaming live concerts, hosting jam sessions, or AMAs. Using our ForTunes app will help these artists easily evaluate their performance on Twitch along with content on other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Twitter.”

Though there are many analytics apps available for tracking views, streams, and likes across multiple platforms, ForTunes is one of few that presents artists’ data via a news feed. Not unlike a Twitter or Instagram feed, the ForTunes feed will now include notifications and posts about artists’ fans and followers, number of song streams, and video views. It gives the sometimes drab and bar-chart-heavy metric dashboard a more exciting face.

“We’re excited to give our users an opportunity to gather data on the new frontier of music streaming on Twitch,” said Richling, “There may be many artists who might not even realize that Twitch can be a huge source of brand building and exposure. But utilizing Twitch video views and audience data offered on the ForTunes platform allows music creators to evaluate their performance and optimize their social- and streaming-media strategy.”

With an average age of 21, Twitch viewers spend roughly 95 to 105 minutes per day watching videos and gaming streams, offering musicians multiple sidedoor opportunities to introduce new music to a loyal audience.

And for a limited time only, ForTunes is offering the code “FORTUNES25” at checkout on their website for a 25% discount of a ForTunes Premium subscription.

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