Bandsintown LIVE Celebrates Fête de la Musique / Make Music Day with Livestream Festival

Bandsintown LIVE is programming a special livestream edition of Fête de la Musique / Make Music Day on June 21.

Soul & folk songwriter AYỌ, electronic hitmaker Kungs, and singer Kiddy Smile (catapulted to fame by The Gossip’s Beth Ditto) are among the artists performing at in collaboration with What The France, the French music export official label. Nineteen Francophone artists from all genres–jazz, soul, pop, house, and hip hop–will livestream half-hour sets. Continue reading “Bandsintown LIVE Celebrates Fête de la Musique / Make Music Day with Livestream Festival”

eResonate to Acquire Innovative Live-Streaming Technology from Livit Media

eResonate has entered into a definitive asset purchase agreement to acquire the technology and other assets from six-year old live-streaming technology company Livit Media.

Upon closing of the transaction, Livit founder Adam Blazer will join eResonate as its Chief Experience Officer and as a member of eResonate’s Board of Directors. In April 2019, eResonate entered into an exclusive license agreement with Livit for its live-streaming technology specific to certain live-music performances. Continue reading “eResonate to Acquire Innovative Live-Streaming Technology from Livit Media”

IDAGIO Launches Global Concert Hall

IDAGIO has launched the Global Concert Hall, a new online concert venue made available to audiences worldwide. Artists and ensembles will use this audiovisual platform to offer their own exclusive digital concerts, and their audiences can support them directly from the comfort of their own homes with their ticket purchases.

At IDAGIO, artists are empowered in their creative endeavors through a wide-reaching platform which allows them to connect with existing fans, and enabled to share music that is meaningful to them with a broader audience. Continue reading “IDAGIO Launches Global Concert Hall”

BeatSense & the Joys of Music Discovery

BeatSense is a real-time music streaming platform that presents the user the opportunity to discover and share music, live with others; as you were physically in the same room, at the same time. By integrating social aspects and generating crowd-driven playlists, while utilizing free, third-party music sources like YouTube, the BeatSense team believes it has crafted the ideal formula to shape the ultimate online music platform.

We recently caught up with BeatSense founders Oren and Shlomi to get an update on the platform and what’s next. Continue reading “BeatSense & the Joys of Music Discovery”

HowLive Launches Live Music Performance Streaming Platform

HowLive announced a launch of its all-in-one, live event streaming platform designed for professional artists, production companies and venues to create, manage and monetize live video content. HowLive delivers broadcast-quality live, linear and on-demand video that looks and performs optimally to millions of viewers, on any modern device. Continue reading “HowLive Launches Live Music Performance Streaming Platform”

Maestro Hands Artists the Keys to Full Live Stream Control

Interactive live streaming platform Maestro insists that artists, not platforms, should be at the center when the live music industry rebuilds in the wake of COVID-19. They should control their live streams, just as they can control many aspects of their IRL performances. Highly customizable in look and monetization options, Maestro streams live on artists’ own sites or apps. It lets artists and their teams own the meaningful data that streams generate, giving full insight into its users. It’s about viewers, not views.

“We give artists more interactivity than Twitch with the ease-of-use and full customizability of Squarespace,” explains Maestro founder and CEO Ari Evans. “You can give people exactly the experience you want, set the parameters for monetization you need, and own your audience data, creating opportunities to stay directly connected.” Continue reading “Maestro Hands Artists the Keys to Full Live Stream Control”

The net.werk Festival Unites Diverse Electronic Music Producers, DJs

Bandsintown LIVE celebrates artists and showcases talents all over the world, with more than 725,000 unique viewers having tuned into the free, intimate music programming on Bandsintown LIVE’s Twitch channel since its launch 3 weeks ago.

This Thursday, April 16, 14 boundary-pushing dance music producers and DJs celebrate the gender non-binary, queer, PoC, and female-identifying powerhouses of electronic music. net.werk, a play on the online-only but community-focused world artists are building for themselves amid the crisis, has been curated by DJ and producer Dani Deahl. Continue reading “The net.werk Festival Unites Diverse Electronic Music Producers, DJs”