ForTunes Users Can Now Track Their Content on Twitch

ForTunes, the music data analytics app created by artists for artists, is announcing the addition of Twitch as a trackable platform on its app. The biggest video game and video streaming platform in the world, Twitch offers infinite opportunities for musicians and artists to share their content and gain followers. Continue reading “ForTunes Users Can Now Track Their Content on Twitch”

SoundCloud Announces Fan-Powered-Royalties

In an industry-first move, SoundCloud, the next-generation music entertainment company, announced today the introduction of fan-powered royalties, a more equitable and transparent way for emerging and independent artists to earn money on SoundCloud.

Fan-powered royalties are a new model of payouts that is driven directly by an artist’s fan base. Continue reading “SoundCloud Announces Fan-Powered-Royalties”

Bandzoogle Debuts Exclusive Merch to Benefit Musician Mental Health Services

Musician website and direct-to-fan platform Bandzoogle is celebrating their 17th anniversary by giving back to artists in need. Using their newly launched integration with print-on-demand provider Printful, the company has created exclusive merch for sale, donating all proceeds to the Unison Benevolent Fund, a charity focused on providing emergency relief to the Canadian music community.

T-shirts, hoodies, and more are now available through a Bandzoogle-powered store. Profits from all sales of this 17th anniversary merchandise will go directly to Unison’s Emergency Mental Health for the Music Community campaign, with Bandzoogle matching donations up to $5000 CAD. Continue reading “Bandzoogle Debuts Exclusive Merch to Benefit Musician Mental Health Services”

CD Baby Introduces New Interactive Ad Tool

CD Baby’s marketing and promotional platform has found that its new interactive ads get 4x the engagement compared to static ads.

This new offering in the Ad Builder tool lets you create an ad automatically from Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, or YouTube links, making it easy for a busy artist to jump in and get the word out about their latest release or weekly livestream. These ads reach real music fans targeted based on genre interests. Continue reading “CD Baby Introduces New Interactive Ad Tool”

Surround Invests in Music Finance Startup Vezt

Surround, the music and entertainment division of Bitfury, is announcing a recent investment in and partnership with Vezt, the mobile app that allows fans to participate in the royalties of their favorite songs – allowing artists, songwriters, producers, labels and publishers to immediately monetize their work in a meaningful way. Vezt will be a cornerstone in the Surround marketplace launching later this year. Continue reading “Surround Invests in Music Finance Startup Vezt”

Synchtank Unveils IRIS, a Royalty Accounting and Valuation Platform

Synchtank is unveiling its latest platform to its software suite, IRIS. It promises to change the game of royalty accounting and unlock real value for rights holders and rights administrators—and for anyone considering investing in publishing.

IRIS (International Repertoire Information System) can transform tedious, time-sucking tasks that can take days into the work of mere hours, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. IRIS helps organisations devote more time to value-add tasks than reports and repetitive data inputting. It’s the kind of large-scale, secure, smart innovation the industry expects from a media and music enterprise software platform that counts many of the biggest media conglomerates in the world as clients.

The system was originally developed by global independent music publisher, peermusic. Continue reading “Synchtank Unveils IRIS, a Royalty Accounting and Valuation Platform”

Bandpay Set for March 2020 Debut; Milestone-based Payment Platform Guarantees Trust Between Collaborators

A singer with a vision for a new single is looking for a producer. She asks around, finds a guy who’s a friend of a friend and sounds promising. They come to terms, she pays him–only to get ghosted. She’s got no track, and now she has to raise money from scratch, doubling the cost of the single.

This story and its like happen regularly to artists, managers, and other music professionals. “A shared scene or network implies trust, but that trust is too often broken, either explicitly or due to misunderstandings,” says DeCarlos Garrison, a music business veteran and serial tech entrepreneur. “I’ve experienced this problem first hand. We knew there was a way to solve it.”

The solution is Bandpay, a fully customizable payment platform that allows two parties to establish milestones in a project, assign payments to each milestone, and guarantee that funds are available to complete a transaction. Continue reading “Bandpay Set for March 2020 Debut; Milestone-based Payment Platform Guarantees Trust Between Collaborators”

New Project From Teosto, Revelator, and BMAT Focused on Faster Payments for Music Rights Holders

In an industry-first partnership, Revelator, BMAT, and Teosto, have demonstrated a new standard for paying rights holders (songwriters and music publishers) faster by processing near real-time monitoring of BMAT radio performance royalties in conjunction with Teosto’s proprietary data set and using Revelator’s Data Management Platform & Original Works’ smart contract-powered Artist Wallet. Continue reading “New Project From Teosto, Revelator, and BMAT Focused on Faster Payments for Music Rights Holders”

Avid Brings Music Distribution to a Quarter Million Avid Link App Users

Avid has introduced AvidPlay, a new music distribution service for its Avid Link app that enables artists, producers and music labels to easily and affordably get their music heard on the world’s most popular streaming services.

With AvidPlay, artists can distribute their music tracks and albums to hundreds of streaming services worldwide, including Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, NetEase, Gaana, Anghami, Deezer, iHeartRadio, and many more, and keep 100 percent of the rights and earnings. Continue reading “Avid Brings Music Distribution to a Quarter Million Avid Link App Users”