A Spotify for Elevator Music, Soundtrack Your Brand, Could Finally Uncover Streaming’s Elusive Profits

A music-streaming startup partly owned by Spotify is going after the elevator-music market—and it’s squarely aiming at the company that currently dominates it.

Soundtrack Your Brand, which is about 30% owned by Spotify, introduced itself in the US on May 5 with the announcement of a deal with McDonald’s. It won’t be a big revenue driver, but it gives the Swedish startup its first foothold outside Scandinavia—and sets up a clash with the industry’s current market leader, Mood Media, which is the successor company to the brand that practically invented the idea of ambient music in shops: Muzak.

Source: Quartz

Spotify Thanks Apple Music For Its New Customers

Apple Music has existed for less than a year and boasts 13 million paid subscribers, but an exec at chief rival Spotify believes that’s a good thing.

Speaking with Reuters recently, vp of sales Jonathan Forster said it was “great” that Apple has taken an interest in the platform. “They are definitely raising the profile of streaming,” he said. “It is hard to build an industry on your own.”According to Forster, Spotify has been “growing quicker and adding more users than before” the launch of Apple Music on June 30 of last year.

Around that time, Spotify had an estimated 20 million paid subscribers. Now, it has 30 million premium users with close to 100 million streaming via the freemium tier.

Source: Billboard

Telstra Launches New Global Digital Media Solutions

t-logoTelstra has added two cloud-based online video platforms to its global media portfolio – the Video Monetization Solution (VMS) and Online Video Solution (OVS) – designed to help professional and digital media organizations more effectively stream, deliver and distribute online video content.

Speaking from the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB) in Las Vegas, Trevor Boal, Head of Telstra Broadcast Services, said the two solutions leverage industry-leading technology from Ooyala and strengthen Telstra’s professional and digital media portfolio, which includes global satellite and teleports services, Global Media Networks, SNG and miniature camera capabilities, supported from a state of the art Broadcast Operations Centre.

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Wirecast Now Enables Professional Quality Live Video Streaming to Facebook

PressImage-Wirecast-FBIntegration-650Telestream®, the leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced that the latest version of its popular live streaming software Wirecast now features Facebook Live as a streaming destination, allowing users to create and stream high-quality broadcasts from their computers to their Facebook timelines with just a few clicks.

Facebook recently announced the ability for all users to stream live video to their feeds through the Facebook app for iOS and Android devices. With Wirecast, users can now elevate the production value of their live videos by using multiple cameras, graphics, effects, transitions and other professional capabilities. Continue reading Wirecast Now Enables Professional Quality Live Video Streaming to Facebook

SiriusXM Surpasses 30 Million Subscribers – Hollywood Reporter

Satindexellite radio giant SiriusXM, which is controlled by John Malone’s Liberty Media, said Monday that it has crossed the 30 million subscriber mark.

The home of Howard Stern added 465,000 net new subscribers in the first quarter, up from 431,000 in the year-ago period, to end March with 30.1 million subscribers. In comparison, Netflix, which report its latest results next week, ended 2015 with 39.1 million U.S. streaming subscribers.

“SiriusXM has grown from a pioneering start-up to a media powerhouse in less than 15 years of service by providing listeners with the best audio entertainment available,” said CEO Jim Meyer. “Our exclusive, unmatched content and ease of use has led us to this important subscriber milestone.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Live Streaming – The Ticking Time Bomb for Sports Broadcasters

Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter are all eyeing sports media rights as a way to swell engagement on their platforms, but as social video starts to look more like TV, how will the broadcasters react?

Wariness, rather than outright fear, seems to be the initial response from the likes of Sky and the BBC as they recognise the commercial opportunities around social video as highlighted by the Twitter/NFL deal last week.

The deal happened in the same week Yahoo announced it will stream a daily basketball game and Facebook teased its plans for streaming live sports, showing just how far social video has moved on from short clips to live streaming of major events and rights properties.But for the foreseeable future, social media’s role will probably be to complement rather than replace traditional broadcasters, with many mindful of the power those platforms have to push content to viewers at scale.

Source: The Drum

Will SoundCloud Go Burst the Streaming Music Bubble?

The streaming music bubble may be ready to burst—and SoundCloud could be the needle that pops it. The German-based music company finally released its long-awaited streaming service, known as SoundCloud Go.

Until recently, Soundcloud was primarily known as a site that artists and amateur musicians post original work, as well as remixes and mashups of their songs (often less than legally). Bloomberg once called the service the “YouTube of audio tracks, thanks to a huge library of free, exclusive remixes, b-sides, and DJ sets that pulled in far more listeners than Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora.”

Entering a crowded market, Soundcloud is emerging at a time when the industry has reached “too big to fail” status: In 2015, the digital music business was a nearly $6.9 billion empire, and streaming brought in 32 percent of that total. That’s a 28 percent increase from the previous year. If that trend continues, the streaming business will account for more than half of all industry revenue in two years.

Source: Daily Dot