Bulldog DM Unlocks the Interactive Power of Livestreaming

Livestreaming performances and experiences became The Thing in 2020, but the technology has existed for two decades. Founder/CEO John Petrocelli and the team at Bulldog DM were there at the beginning, mastering the technical and creative aspects of a medium just coming into its own, long before it was hot.

They’ve learned its true power: Turning viewers into participants. Continue reading “Bulldog DM Unlocks the Interactive Power of Livestreaming”

Viral TikTok Trend Helps Dirty Heads’ Single ‘Vacation’ Make a Global Impact

Southern California’s alt-rock band Dirty Heads are making a splash with their 2017 trackVacation,” which earned great charting and streaming success and garnered a TikTok trend in summer 2019 that was catapulted in early January 2021.

TikTok is driving discovery, converting fans and skyrocketing streams for the Dirty Heads across all digital streaming platforms. Continue reading “Viral TikTok Trend Helps Dirty Heads’ Single ‘Vacation’ Make a Global Impact”

Beatchain Announces Partnership with Royalty Collection Service Songtrust

In its continuing mission to help democratize promotion and discovery in the music industry, marketing and distribution platform Beatchain is announcing a discount affiliation with Songtrust, the world’s largest online music royalty collection service.

As of February 2021, members of Beatchain’s service will receive 20% off of the Songtrust registration fee, allowing them access to the one-stop-shop royalty aggregation tool that is used by just-breaking artists and GRAMMY-award winners alike. Continue reading “Beatchain Announces Partnership with Royalty Collection Service Songtrust”

AI Music Discovery Platform Andrson Launches #ReWrapped

Andrson, an A.I.-powered music discovery platform, has launched #ReWrapped – a new feature which allows users to connect their Spotify profile to the Andrson platform, helping to discover new artists influenced by their musical taste from last year.

Artist suggestions are provided from Andrson’s community of emerging talent. Continue reading “AI Music Discovery Platform Andrson Launches #ReWrapped”

Stephen Emmer: Save the Arts on Radio, TV

We all sit at home, awaiting our turn for The Jab and we have passively exhausted ourselves by binge watching reruns of sorts on Netflix and the like. But what we really do miss is of course going out to concerts, seeing bands, going to Glastonbury or a showcase of a new and promising singer-songwriter in a small pub venue.

Unfortunately no can do. And that is the same anywhere in the world right now and it looks like we will enter a second season of this too…. Continue reading “Stephen Emmer: Save the Arts on Radio, TV”

Rocket Songs Connects Artists to Original Songs From the World’s Best Songwriters

Professional songwriters often have hidden gems — their amazing songs that never get recorded. Artists, especially emerging and independent artists, want to find these gems, but they lack connections to songwriters and publishers.

Rocket Songs is changing this, democratizing how artists find songs by offering licenced, high-caliber tracks via the world’s first online marketplace for original songs written by songwriters for artists like Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Eminem, Willie Nelson, and Celine Deon. Continue reading “Rocket Songs Connects Artists to Original Songs From the World’s Best Songwriters”

Bandzoogle Debuts Exclusive Merch to Benefit Musician Mental Health Services

Musician website and direct-to-fan platform Bandzoogle is celebrating their 17th anniversary by giving back to artists in need. Using their newly launched integration with print-on-demand provider Printful, the company has created exclusive merch for sale, donating all proceeds to the Unison Benevolent Fund, a charity focused on providing emergency relief to the Canadian music community.

T-shirts, hoodies, and more are now available through a Bandzoogle-powered store. Profits from all sales of this 17th anniversary merchandise will go directly to Unison’s Emergency Mental Health for the Music Community campaign, with Bandzoogle matching donations up to $5000 CAD. Continue reading “Bandzoogle Debuts Exclusive Merch to Benefit Musician Mental Health Services”

Djooky App Rewards Fans’ A&R Skills for Identifying Hits

Emerging music and fintech startup Djooky has launched a new HitHunter function on its app enabling music fans to win cash prizes for identifying potential hits.

The new function, which is the first of its kind, follows the inception of the Djooky Music Awards this summer, which encourages app users to vote with their hearts by supporting their favourite songs. Continue reading “Djooky App Rewards Fans’ A&R Skills for Identifying Hits”

LÜM Launches New Platform

LÜM announced the launch of a new digital music marketplace for creators – The Exchange. With COVID-19 significantly limiting artists’ ability to make money, the launch of The Exchange demonstrates the Company’s commitment to providing artists pathways to profitability from peers – as well as fans.

Dubbed as the “Shopify” for musicians and ‘Home’ for independent artists, The Exchange will allow creators to buy and sell features, vocals, mixing & mastering, beats, and even music reviews. Continue reading “LÜM Launches New Platform”