With Wefunder Campaign, audiobridge Invites Everyone to Invest in the Future of Audio Recording

The disruptive and innovative music recording app, audiobridge, is announcing the public launch of their Wefunder campaign. Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, contributors on Wefunder can own a stake in audiobridge.

And with a fearless vision and 18 months of uninterrupted growth, audiobridge is uniquely well-positioned to provide a return on investment by dominating the future market share of mobile recording platforms. Continue reading “With Wefunder Campaign, audiobridge Invites Everyone to Invest in the Future of Audio Recording”

Audiobridge Announces New Audio Effects

Why spend hours, days, even weeks wrangling with hundreds of audio recording software features when four main effects are the key ingredients to creating a quality, professional sounding song?

The vision of audiobridge is simple, to create a digital audio workstation so intuitive that any user, musician and non-musician alike, can record a song on their mobile device that sounds professional grade, without the assistance of an audio engineer. Continue reading “Audiobridge Announces New Audio Effects”

audiobridge Brings Studio-Quality Possibilities to Smartphones

audiobridge has a simple proposal: Most of what you need to make quality recorded music–multitracking, for example–can be packed into a smartphone.

This proposal is more radical than it sounds at first. The world’s more than 7 billion phones can now act as little recording studios, ready for everyone, everywhere to lay down ideas, play with arrangements, and make music. “We’re making something for everyone, not just for pros or aspiring pros, but for the entire world, including young people and kids,” says audiobridge founder and CEO Matt Miller, himself an experienced musician, session player, and songwriter. “That’s the vision, to have the power of Pro Tools and the simplicity of a voice memo.” Continue reading “audiobridge Brings Studio-Quality Possibilities to Smartphones”