Audiofusion Inspires Better Performances, Transforming Smartphones into In-Ear Monitors

Musicians are leaping into live streams as the touring world holds its breath. Yet a persistent problem has followed them into virtual performance and makeshift spaces: They still can’t hear themselves very well when they play or sing.

Monitoring has been a drag on great live performances for decades, especially for independent touring musicians who don’t have a team of monitoring engineers at their beck and call. Hearing the right mix via equipment that doesn’t cramp a performer’s style with inscrutable controls or cumbersome packs or wires has proved elusive.

Audiofusion is the first monitor system to change that, allowing artists to use a device they already love, their smartphone, to hear and control custom monitor mixes via Wi-Fi. It opens up the bespoke monitoring experience of major touring acts to everyone with a dedicated router, a few smartphones, and their budget-friendly one-time software purchase. Continue reading “Audiofusion Inspires Better Performances, Transforming Smartphones into In-Ear Monitors”