Craft Brewed Music Debuts New Podcast Series

Boutique streaming service Craft Brewed Music, started in Nashville in 2018, announced the launch of The Craft Brewed Music Podcast, available on all mainstream podcast providers.

Craft Brewed Music® is a curated service that streams “better music for serious listeners” and bills itself as “the small batch streaming app”. Continue reading “Craft Brewed Music Debuts New Podcast Series”

Craft Brewed Music Attracts Serious Music Listeners to Artist-Friendly Streaming Service

Craft Brewed Music is a Nashville-based music streaming service designed to stream ‘better music for serious listeners.’

Launched in 2018 by Brian Horner, a professional saxophonist and artist manager, Craft Brewed Music is laser-focused on connecting serious music listeners with great new music discovered on the outskirts of the industry. Continue reading “Craft Brewed Music Attracts Serious Music Listeners to Artist-Friendly Streaming Service”

Craft Brewed Music CEO: ‘You’ll discover new things’

Guest Post: Brian Horner, CEO, Craft Brewed Music:

I’m an odd streaming service founder – I don’t particularly like streaming. I like CDs. I like records. I want to hold the thing, own the thing, read the liner notes. Collect.

But I’m also an artist manager and I realize that this train has left the station. Continue reading “Craft Brewed Music CEO: ‘You’ll discover new things’”