LÜM Launches New Platform

LÜM announced the launch of a new digital music marketplace for creators – The Exchange. With COVID-19 significantly limiting artists’ ability to make money, the launch of The Exchange demonstrates the Company’s commitment to providing artists pathways to profitability from peers – as well as fans.

Dubbed as the “Shopify” for musicians and ‘Home’ for independent artists, The Exchange will allow creators to buy and sell features, vocals, mixing & mastering, beats, and even music reviews. Continue reading “LÜM Launches New Platform”

LÜM Grows to 80,000+ Artists, Launches New Mobile, Web Platforms

LÜM announced their expansion to Web and Android. Described as the “Home” for independent artists, LÜM is a social network and music discovery platform that allows artists to collaborate with other music creators, share content, and manage relationships with fans.

This year, LÜM became the first music streaming platform in the US to allow for direct-to-artist financial support through virtual gifting technology. In the company’s first year on iOS, the platform has drawn over 80,000 creators and surpassed 25 million Notes (LÜM’s in-app currency) gifted to artists across the United States. Continue reading “LÜM Grows to 80,000+ Artists, Launches New Mobile, Web Platforms”

LÜM Launches Artist Support Campaign

Thousands of musicians in the United States have felt the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Every day artists have lost jobs, gigs, and incremental income they rely on to support themselves. LÜM is working very closely with the artists on the platform to find ways to combat the financial loss caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Beginning today, LÜM is launching LÜM Cares. This initiative will allow artists to receive direct financial support from their fans and increase the financial impact that each fan can make. Continue reading “LÜM Launches Artist Support Campaign”

LÜM Launches First Direct-to-Artist Virtual Gifting System

LÜM, the rapidly growing app, that combines music streaming with the amplification effects of social media, has launched a virtual gifting system focused on direct fan-to-artist financial support. Fans will now be able to use LÜM’s newly created in-app-currency to virtually gift/financially support their favorite artists. In the music streaming industry, less than 1% of artists earn material income from music streaming services.

On LÜM, artists can directly connect with fans, share their music, and monetize their fanbase all on one platform. Continue reading “LÜM Launches First Direct-to-Artist Virtual Gifting System”

LÜM Prepares for Virtual Gifting Launch

LÜM has announced the first-ever virtual gifting system as a part of its music streaming platform. Fans will now be able to provide direct support to their favorite artists on the app. In the traditional music industry, only 1% of musicians earn any material income from their music.

But, in LÜM’s music discovery community, this new virtual gifting system will allow artists to grow and monetize their fan base. Continue reading “LÜM Prepares for Virtual Gifting Launch”

LÜM Delivers New Music Streaming, Discovery Experience with Launch of Mobile App

LÜM, the Madison-based tech startup that recently closed their $1.2 million seed financing, today announced the launch of its new app for iOS devices. This announcement, in addition to LÜM’s recent partnership with Frank Productions, one of the largest concert promoters in the United States, illustrates the company’s dedication to building out innovative avenues that drive emerging artist growth. Continue reading “LÜM Delivers New Music Streaming, Discovery Experience with Launch of Mobile App”

LÜM Closes Seed Round, Secures Strategic Partnership with Frank Productions

LÜM, a Madison-based tech startup that’s working to revolutionize the way artists and fans stream and discover new music, has closed its seed round, bringing the company’s total investment to $1.2 million in less than a year.

In addition to the development of the platform, LÜM and Frank Productions, one of the largest concert promoters in the United States, have formed a strategic partnership to bridge the gap between live and digital music consumption. Continue reading “LÜM Closes Seed Round, Secures Strategic Partnership with Frank Productions”