Octiive Adds Onescreener Capability

Octiive, the digital music distribution platform with the largest international reach, has entered into a partnership with Onescreener, the quickest, most affordable site builder for artists. Both companies pride themselves on being founded by music industry professionals and tailoring services to artists’ needs based on their own experience. Continue reading “Octiive Adds Onescreener Capability”

Octiive Moves to Accelerate Artist’s Creativity, Careers

Octiive, the largest digital music distributor and creativity hub run by musicians, for musicians, has announced changes intended to boost the incredible work produced by its users.

In order to ensure that quality releases are getting all of Octiive’s benefits and the best chances of being heard on top streaming services, the unlimited yearly plan will now be offered only at the Label Level. Continue reading “Octiive Moves to Accelerate Artist’s Creativity, Careers”

Octiive Launches the Ultimate Indie Musician’s Hub

Octiive has launched a comprehensive hub for independent artists today. Starting with the world’s largest independent digital distribution network, the company formerly known as MondoTunes, adds new tools and services to give indie artists everything they need to fast track getting their music careers off the ground.

Octiive not only leads the field by making the process of selling and streaming music more flexible, it also creates a scalable business model that grows with the artist and it is developing a powerful new collaboration platform to bring musicians together from around the globe. Continue reading “Octiive Launches the Ultimate Indie Musician’s Hub”