Ex-stream-ly Frustrating: The Messy Ecosystem of Live Sports Streaming

download1The world of entertainment, and more specifically video entertainment, is fairly mature in its transition to digital.

An entire generation of viewers are device agnostic and unfamiliar with network brands; they just want to watch their shows. Even older generations’ viewing habits have evolved to incorporate the convenience of streaming. Much has been written about this and doesn’t need any further discussion.What has been neglected, however, is a focus on the transition to digital when it comes to live sports.

Sports fans across the country, and even across the globe are understandably confused by what is available for them to consume on their digital devices.

Source:  Adam Shaw

Viewers Can Now Stream Sports on Amazon Fire TV via FuboTV

FuboTV, the sports streaming business that is looking to become the cable network of the future, is continuing its push for streaming sports everywhere.

After the recently announced deal to bring major networks including Pivot, Univision and Revolt to the platform, FuboTV will now stream that very content on Amazon Fire.

This is the company’s first smart TV app and first extension of their product off of their owned and operated destinations.

Source: VideoInk