SyncFloor Partners with Symphonic’s Bodega Sync

SyncFloor is teaming up with Bodega Sync, a division of Symphonic Distribution, and launching a SyncStore™ for their boutique sync service.

This new digital marketplace will help sync professionals and creatives of all kinds find the perfect track in Bodega Sync’s exclusive one-stop catalog, thanks to SyncFloor’s intuitive search. Continue reading “SyncFloor Partners with Symphonic’s Bodega Sync”

SyncFloor Partners with TuneCore to Make Artists’ Tracks Easier to Find, Sync

SyncFloor, the search and discovery site for sync, has partnered with independent distributor TuneCore to build TuneCore Sync on the SyncFloor SyncSite platform.

The new TuneCore SyncSite will fit seamlessly into TuneCore’s web presences, offering deep insight into a hand-picked set of the best one-stop music by premier independent artists from around the world. Their work will be intuitively accessible to potential sync customers via the SyncFloor discovery platform whenever they need music with just the right sound. Continue reading “SyncFloor Partners with TuneCore to Make Artists’ Tracks Easier to Find, Sync”

SyncFloor Opens Search Platform to All, Offers Licensed Music for Podcasts

SyncFloor, the search and discovery company for sync, is announcing the public launch of its service as of June 1, 2020. Now everyone can find great indie music for sync at

The platform lets anyone creating video find the perfect song for their production – from film and TV to advertisements and broadcasts -, and it lets them do so using natural search terms that fit the way music supervisors and other pros think about music. Continue reading “SyncFloor Opens Search Platform to All, Offers Licensed Music for Podcasts”

SyncFloor Partners with Motor Music, Launches Motor Music SyncSite

SyncFloor, the commercial music marketplace, is announcing its partnership with Motor Music, bringing the label’s catalog to more potential sync buyers via its newly launched Motor Music SyncSite. SyncFloor’s SyncSites allow its rights holder partners to surface a sync-oriented website that presents thematic, customized blocks of tracks and allows potential users to search for and find tracks from within the partner’s catalog, using natural language and cultural references. Continue reading “SyncFloor Partners with Motor Music, Launches Motor Music SyncSite”

Music Licensing Platform SyncFloor Attracts $200K Investment from Betaworks Audiocamp

SyncFloor, the commercial music marketplace powered by natural language search, has been accepted as part of Betaworks Audiocamp program. In addition to extensive mentoring and support, SyncFloor will receive $200K in funding to jumpstart its next business initiatives.

“This marks the next step in our push to change how sync deals are made and how production professionals and music supervisors find music,” says Cestjon McFarland, veteran IP attorney and co-founder of SyncFloor. The investment will help SyncFloor implement several key integrations with industry partners. Continue reading “Music Licensing Platform SyncFloor Attracts $200K Investment from Betaworks Audiocamp”

SyncFloor Unites a Fractured Music-for-Picture World by Finessing Discovery

Video is everywhere, and the corresponding demand for music is exploding. Yet finding and licensing the right music at the right price is tough, due to a fragmented market, complex layers of communication between music seeker and music maker, and opaque and challenging license negotiations.

SyncFloor has set out to transform this space, connecting indie music from a diverse group of artists, labels, and distributors to the wide range of people looking for music on a daily basis. By creating a way to search for music with the references and terms people use in everyday life, and by streamlining negotiation and clearance, SyncFloor opens up new opportunities for both sides of the sync deal. The platform is now in pilot and will launch commercially in April. Continue reading “SyncFloor Unites a Fractured Music-for-Picture World by Finessing Discovery”