As Music Industry Evolves, Artists Turn to Tunedly to Fulfill Their Creative Dreams

A streaming economy that has unbundled music has forever changed the music industry, but, thankfully, the album format is still with us. In fact, albums are making a comeback, especially among millennials, according to a global study by Deezer.

Far more than just a collection of songs – great albums tell a story. And great storytellers, which the best songwriters always are, will never go out of style. Continue reading “As Music Industry Evolves, Artists Turn to Tunedly to Fulfill Their Creative Dreams”

Tunedly Showcases the Need for Online Recording Studios

The Coronavirus has hit home hard, negatively affecting businesses in all industries. Among the hardest hit are retail businesses, food establishments and the travel, tourism and entertainment industries. Social distancing is the new catchphrase. While important and necessary, for businesses, it means turning clients away for the benefit of public health.

Recording studios are no exception to this new norm. Stuffing 10 or more musicians into a confined space in close proximity to each other is the exact opposite of social distancing. As a result, recording studios, an industry that has already experienced a constant decline over the past 10 years, are on the brink of extinction. Continue reading “Tunedly Showcases the Need for Online Recording Studios”